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A Message from the Universe or a Wish?

A Message from the Universe or a Wish?

Mediums will look at their work differently than other people. Some people watch mediums on television and think that this is what it is going to look like, but this is not how real mediums work. Mediums would never just go up to someone and give them a message. They have specializations and they do individual readings, but they do these based on the energies of that person.

Some mediums will do animal readings and others will help to solve mysteries.


There are mediums that need to find their own style and what they are good at. A successful medium has to first have a mentor so that they can learn and figure out what they want to be and what their gifts are. A good mentor will give a medium the tools that they need to grow.

Once a medium develops their gift, they will see that being a medium is a big responsibility. They will see that when they do a reading, they have to have a special connection with the spirit in order to get the message and deliver it the right way.

Being a medium is a hard job and you have to be trained. You will never stop learning with this gift. One you can connect with the spirit world; you will see that you have a natural ability, but you always want your words to be accurate. You want to make sure that when you talk to the spirits that you are giving the right message and you are confident.

Quality of Mediumship

When you first start giving messages, chances are that you will question yourself and that you will want to make sure that your thoughts and beliefs line up. You will want to make sure that you are picking up the right messages.

This is where discernment comes from and is a foundation of being a medium.


Discernment is being able to know the difference between things such as good and evil and what is real and what isn’t. Discernment is more than just hearing things, but it is going into your intuition and listening to what your heart is telling you. it is connecting with the truth.

If you want to see the truth, you have to have a vision and you have to be able to give a message without being prejudice or bias. If a client wants to hear a message, you will probably be working with their friends or family.

This will happen when you are a medium and you are doing a reading. You will want to please the client but make sure that your message is real and that you are being true.

Real Messages

You need to make sure that you are spending time listening to the messages from the spirit world. You have a responsibility as a medium to make sure that you are discerning the truth and that you are always speaking the truth.

Learn to be confident in yourself and pay attention to what your heart is saying. Don’t second guess yourself if you have a message and just give it.

Work hard to keep your abilities growing and make sure that you practice and that you are open to listen and that you are always giving truth.

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