About Me

Jessica Callinan Family Therapy

Every person has experienced feeling alone, isolated and left out. Sadly, this can even happen within a family. But I firmly believe that those feelings can be changed. This belief led me to become a family therapist. I’ve experienced loneliness and isolation, too. I understand the pain you’re dealing with.

My personal story is one of tenacity and hope, rooted in spirituality. I’ve come to learn and appreciate that people who have a sense of spirituality–that is, those who acknowledge and have a belief in some sort of higher power–have much better odds when it comes to overcoming their struggles.

My own experience dealing with a chronic illness allows me to feel empathy and compassion for others who are experiencing chronic pain or illnesses. Chronic pain, whether it’s emotional, physical, or both, tests people their families beyond measure. It complicates their lives and hinders them as they strive to achieve their educational, social, professional, and mental goals.

I understand and can relate to the challenges of emotional and physical pain. I can teach and empower people who have come to feel that their lives will never be “normal” again.

I’m the founder and owner of my own family therapy practice. I’ve known from a young age that I wanted to be a family therapist. My own practice is based on a systems approach to marriage and family therapy. Basically, the “systems approach” implies understanding that when one part of a system changes, the whole system changes. Within this framework, I approach therapy holistically. This means that I view each person as a whole being, with aninterconnected mind, body and soul. A holistic approach does not attempt to disconnect one from the other.

I believe with my whole heart that there is a solution to every problem. The solutions I offer through therapy help my clients come to believe that, too. My goal for our time together would be for you to know and believe that both you and your relationships can be healed.

I’m fully committed to practicing what I teach. I know that if you practice, you’ll succeed, too. I feel driven to help you abandon your anxious feelings. I want to help you build your self-esteem, restore your broken relationships, and enjoy intimacy. I am intuitive, direct and adept at quickly understanding the problems at hand, which helps build trust and understanding between and my clients and me.

Since I began working in therapy more than 20 years ago, I’ve seen countless issues that I know could have been more successfully addressed if earlier intervention and treatment had been offered. Families are in a constant state of change: marriages evolve, career paths adjust, children grow up, people have health issues and spouses pass away. Staying grounded as these changes unfold is challenging for anyone involved. Early intervention is critical.

Entire families can benefit even if just one member comes in for help. Whether it’s one person or a whole family realizing they need help, want help and are ready to change, there is hope. However, no therapist can make that initial realization for them.

Though family therapy and marriage therapy are the core elements of my practice, I’ve also counseled clients with addictions. I’ve helped them to overcome and to live clean. I’ve done extensive work with addiction recovery for families, as well as with related problems such as anxiety and depression. I especially enjoy working with adult children of addicts, as well as loved ones and family members of addicts, which are known as codependents.

Upon completing therapy, one client wrote this of our time together: “Jessica Callinan helped me change my life. I spent years hating myself, thinking I wasn’t good enough, feeling like my life was worthless, wishing I was dead. Jessica helped me change all that, so I could love myself. She helped me realize that there’s nothing wrong with me. Thanks to Jessica, my life has gotten more and more beautiful!”