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Recovering After Being Cheated On

Recovering After Being Cheated On

Having been with someone that cheats on you can be hard. It can cause you to react with anger and cause you to be confrontational. Cheating is something that isn’t new and as long as there have been relationships, someone has broken the rules of fidelity and have cheated. This has caused there to be many heartbreaks along the way.

Infidelity should probably immediately end a relationship, but things are never that easy. Since there is so much equality now between men and women, going to therapy is something that can lead to someone breaking up or staying together regardless of a betrayal or not.

This doesn’t mean that it is easy to move forward when your partner cheats on you, and when you have to deal with this, you will have to start from the ground up to build your relationship back up.

When your partner cheats on you, it can take a long time for the marriage to recover. Couples can work things out after that has been cheating but it takes a lot to make things work. There are many couples that will never be able to make it after cheating but if you can make it work, sometimes the relationship will be stronger.

No one really knows how many couples break up or stay together after cheating. There are different factors that can help a relationship to be able to fix itself and the biggest one is how committed the people are in the relationship. Also, if there are children in the house, this can make a big difference.

Stop the Cheating

For a couple to be able to move forward after cheating, the first thing that has to happen is the cheating has to stop. The person that has cheated cannot do it again or the relationship will never work out. After an affair, the other person will already have no trust left and if it happens again, it will end.


It is clear that there wasn’t honest when cheating was happening. If the relationship is ever going to work out, then honesty is a must. There cannot be any white lies or any kind of sneaking going on if the relationship will ever work out.

Rebuilding Trust

Once someone breaks your trust it can be hard to get it back. There is real damage and if you want to repair the relationship, there has to be total trust. The hurt is going to be huge and by not being truthful or by causing there to be more loss of trust, the relationship will never make it.

Cheating causes there to be hurt and it will take time for the trust to be rebuilt. It will be important for the cheater to give over their passwords for their social media and to make it so that their partner can get into their phone.

Technology can make it easy for a cheater to continue their cheating but as long as there is strong communication and openness, the challenge can be worked out.

Addressing Issues

Issues that are more than cheating are going to have to be addressed. There has to be a communication on how to speak to each other, about sex, about spending time together and more.

One of the biggest problems with couples is that they don’t talk about issues that they are having because they don’t have open communication. Once cheating happens, the cheater needs to take responsibility for what they have done and they need to do what it takes to help their partner heal.

Start Over, Together

A couple has to start over and start to deal with things like the cheating. One person will have their heart broken and this means that this has to be something to start with. The relationship will make it if the couple can start over together.

This will never be the same relationship, but the relationship can get strong again. You can find something new and you can start the relationship over. It is possible for families to have happy relationships even after cheating as long as they can grow after the affair happens.

Couples that choose to breakup after an affair can still get the therapy that they need. Sometimes this will be needed for the individual, even if the relationship is over. Couples therapy can benefit especially if the family has children. Each person can learn from the affair and they can learn how to move forward with forgiveness and hope. This is how it can be successful even if the relationship comes to an end.

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