Deciding to Date Your Best Friend

Most people feel that you shouldn’t date someone that you work with. What about dating your best friend, though? There can be major loss if you decide that you are going to date your best friend, you might even lose them. This is one thing that people often call a psychic or a therapist to talk to. They want to […]

Finding Out if Love is Real

Is love really real or is it something that none of us will ever really have? Are people really able to experience love like the movies show us or is it just one big thing to make us feel miserable in life? What is real love? Love is not a simple thing, and it is not something that we can […]

How to Manifest More Love in Your Life

Most psychic readers will get questions that are based on love and relationships. Many people want to know how they can find love and how they can have lasting and loving relationships. Some people feel that their romantic relationships are hard, and they sometimes feel that they are stuck when they want to find love. If we want someone to […]

How to Prepare Your Mind for Love

Being in love can feel good and everyone wants to be in a good relationship. The problem is that when the love starts to wear off and the romance no longer feels good, then what? Being Single Some people believe that being single is really terrible. Maybe you feel that you are really lonely, or you feel sad because you […]

How to Know He Loves You

If you have been dating the same person for a while, it is likely you have started to ask if he really loves you. Below you will find several ways to know for sure that it really is love, no need to keep pulling off flower petals and hoping, these are real signs. Remember that it is the actions that […]

Why Men Hurt Those They Love

Love sometimes hurts, not just in the heart, but sometimes physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Some men harm or abuse women, even if they love them. Below is an article about men hurting those they love that may shed some light on your own marriage or relationship. There are several reasons why some men abuse. At times, these are given by […]

12 Ways You Know It’s Time to Love Again

It’s natural to be cautious after having your heart broken.  But there are subtle cues that let you know it’s time to put yourself back on the dating market. Here are 12 clear indications that you are ready to fall back in love: You have stopped discussing your ex and you have fully accepted that your last relationship is over. […]

Relationship Mistakes People Make in the First Month

After the honeymoon phase of any relationship ends, there are things that need to be discussed and worked out. This will be the beginning of the time that will be harder to deal with. Relationships aren’t always easy, and they are sometimes hard, especially when they are new. Those people that are in new relationships will make a lot of […]