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Let Him Go, He Will Come Back

Let Him Go, He Will Come Back

Most women will recognize the annoying pattern many men portray. They will pull away at some point. The best thing to do is let them go without a chase and do not make it easy to come back. Men will often start by making you a top priority by showering you with love, gift, and affection, but then suddenly, he pulls away. This can be frustrating and confusing.

When a man pulls away it is often because they feel their freedom is in jeopardy and they pull away when feeling suffocating. This is usually in the early stages of the relationship just as things are starting to get more serious. They may also pull away when they feel like you are trying to control them. He may not be showering you with gifts any longer or what he does offer as romance screams low effort. This may bother you as you notice and you wait for a change, but it does not come. You may start pushing for him to make more of an effort. You may even demand he shower you with love and spend more time with you. When this happens, he will feel like you are trying to take control and he may start ghosting you to avoid being controlled by a partner.

Some men pull away when they feel they must choose either their partner or themselves. Men want a freedom of choice and if he feels he has to choose, most will choose themselves. He may fear losing his options for partners and free time and make a run for it. Make sure your man always feels like he has choices in what you do and how time is spent. Otherwise, he will pull away. While committed relationships take dedication, not all free time should be spent with a partner. Learn to compromise and give him space when needed. This way the relationship does not become burdensome. Along the same lines, men pull away when they feel you are nagging. This is constantly making them feel guilty for not meeting expectations or completing a task. Constant nagging sends the message that he does nothing right and pulling away tells you that you should not expect much from him. Men like to feel like they can make a woman happy. If you are nagging instead of finding a peaceful solution to issues, he will feel suffocated and make a run for it. The harder you push, the more he will pull away. When a man stops making an effort, the woman starts to overthink and behave in stupid ways, like nagging or becoming clingy. This only shows him he needs to run away. Pushing is an act of fear and desperation, so avoid being too pushy.

How to Respond When a Guy Pushes You Away

When a guy pulls away, give him space without contact. When you do this, you take back your power and show him you are desirable. This will motivate him to chase you again. Do not text, call, or chase him, just let him have his space. You control your actions, not his. Hold onto your power. You cannot force him to act or change and you cannot los what you never really had. If he is not ready or willing to treat you the way you deserve, then there is nothing you can do but let him have his space. If he is willing, make him chase you because men love a chase with a little challenge. If he has real feelings for you, he will come back.

So, stay calm and focus on controlling your own emotions and actions. Do not chase him or beg him to return, just let him have the space to decide you are worth the effort. Focus on improving yourself and make yourself even more worth the effort. He is likely watching, even if there is no direct contact. Let him see what he chose to walk away from and want it back. If he chooses not to return, then know you can be perfectly fine without him. No one needs a man, we just often want them. If he does return, continue to work on yourself, offer space, and work together on the relationship, not just make demands. Sometimes we all just need a break. It may take a while, but if love was present, he will return.

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