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9 Ways to Be an Ideal Romantic Partner

9 Ways to Be an Ideal Romantic Partner

It seems like the dating scene is constantly altering.  If you have been wanting more equality in a relationship and to ditch the drama, we have compiled a list of nine ways you can be a healthy partner.

  1. Have your own money: Never rely on your partner to be your sole provider.  You don’t need to be the star employee, but ensure you have a job or a steady financial stream.  This way a potential partner won’t look at you as a someone they will have to support for the rest of their life.  Having your own money is good for you and the health of your love.
  2. Pay your share: You don’t have to split every bill in half, but it is important your lover doesn’t have to pay for everything.  When the burden of support is lifted, they will be more likely to surprise you with the occasional treat or thoughtful gift.
  3. Give thoughtful advice: Partners look for an equal to navigate the highs and lows with side-by-side.  If your lover is struggling after a trying day at the office, giving them reasonable suggestions show that you both care and listen to their concerns.
  4. Be true to yourself: Today, girlfriends have well formed opinions and identities.  Today people are looking for a fully realized partner that can help challenge them to be better version of themselves.  Stop hiding your essence and embrace your authentic self!
  5. Explore new adventures: Today’s society gives us endless options to explore new horizons.  Be open to new experience to keep your love fresh and your minds sharp.
  6. Fly your freak flag: It’s more than ok to talk about sex in your relationship.  Exploring your sexual fantasies can help bring you and your partner closer together.  Try something new every once in a while, and see what avenues begin to open for you both.
  7. Be in it for the long haul: Having lasting love doesn’t always mean marriage and kids.  But know what commitment means for you and what it will take for your person to show you that they are committed to you.  If it is important to you, ask for it.  Either you will get it, have a plan to get it, or realize it’s time to move on.
  8. Don’t be their shadow: You are your own woman.  You don’t have to spend every waking minute with them to be happy.  Have your own sets of friends and interests.  It is also important to set aside “me time.”  This can help you both avoid codependency.
  9. Know the only love you need is your own: You don’t need a man to be happy!  When a guy knows you are an independent spirit, they will cherish the time spent with them.  Men are biologically wired to chase women.  They know that at any time they might lose you and that makes you more attractive to him.  However, when a guy knows his woman doesn’t need him, but choose him every day, there is no greater turn on.

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