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What Does Being an Empath Mean?

What Does Being an Empath Mean?

No matter what kind of career you have from a yoga teacher to a therapist, if you pick up on the energies of the room around you then chances are that you are an empath. If you want to be strong, you need to make sure that you are protected, grounded and that you are doing what you can to take care of yourself.

When you go by certain people, do you feel their energy? Can you feel the energy of a room around you? Do you ever go into a place, and you leave feeling exhausted? Do you meet people and know exactly what they are feeling before you even talk to them?

People that are very sensitive are often intuitive people and these are called empaths. These are people that can pick up the energies of those around them and even in rooms. Empaths often give too much of themselves and they hurt themselves emotionally because they are always carrying other people’s emotions.

Being an empath is a power that some people have but the truth is that even though it is hard, it is a gift that should be cherished. It is great to be someone that is compassionate and someone that cares about the emotions and feelings of other people. Even though this is a gift, it can sometimes be a gift that is hard.

Maybe you are a teacher, or you run a yoga studio. If so, you will interact with people on a regular basis. You will pick up the energy that they have, and it can leave you drained. But the good news is that you can control how you receive the energy and how much influence it has in your life.

Here are some rules that empaths need to follow to be strong:

Have Strong Boundaries

It is important for all empaths to set boundaries. Boundaries are there with your physical and emotional being and they are important so that you can be healthy. You have to be firm with people that want to break these boundaries and you should always be strong about this. Boundaries protect you in your energy and they are not there to hurt anyone.

Not having boundaries means that you aren’t taking care of yourself. By having boundaries, you are able to stand up to people and to tell them no when you don’t want to do something.

Meditate Often

Meditating even just a few minutes a day can help to keep you strong. Meditation can calm your mind and clear out any negative energies. You can do your own meditation, or you can choose guided meditation.

When you meditate you are being mindful, and you are calming your mind. This can help you to stay grounded and not to be affected by the negative energy around you.


Being part of nature is important and you can ground yourself when you connect with nature. Grounding yourself can mean that you are putting roots into the energies and that you are being strong.

You can go outside and sit in the grass, hug a tree or walk in the sand. This can make roots with your energy and keep you strong.

Create a Shield

As an empath, it is easy to pick up negative energies. You can build a shield around yourself that can keep your energy safe. Close your eyes and imagine that a shield is around you. Ask your angels or your spirit guides to help you to get rid of any negative energy around you.

You can also create this shield by having crystals around you. Find ones that are black so that you can be protected from negativity.

Know What Takes Your Energy

Pay attention to how you feel around certain people and in certain areas. Don’t be around people that cause you to lose your energy. You are sensitive to the energies around you, and you need to be in places and around people that raise your energies and make you feel good.

Watch What You Eat

Make sure that you are eating healthy. You can consume foods that are healthy like vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat too many processed foods or high sugar foods. This is healthy for your body and spirit.

Another thing you need to watch is what kind of entertainment you are putting in yourself. If you hate sad or scary movies, don’t watch them. Watch things that make you feel good.

Find Out Where the Emotions Come From

You will pick up the energies of others if you are an empath. If you all of a sudden feel drained or upset, find out if that is your emotion or the emotion of someone else. Sort through your feelings and find out what situation makes you feel a certain way.

This is something that you need to practice at because it is easy to get confused by what you are feeling and to know which emotions are yours or someone else’s.

Be Responsible

You have to be responsible for your own feelings and for the emotions that you are letting out. Even if the emotions are not yours, you have to learn to face them and to admit what is going on. When you feel negative emotions, you don’t have to heal them but if you choose to intervene in what someone is feeling, be responsible for it.

Cleanse the Energies

Once you realize that you are picking up negative energies around you, you need to cleanse the area. If you have had negativity in your home, cleanse it. If you have negativity in your workplace, cleanse it.

You don’t have to have anything special to cleanse your energy and you can do it with water. Cleanse your own self with water by taking a salt bath. Let the energies that are negative go down the drain.

Have Alone Time

It is important for an empath to take time alone. No matter what kind of personality you are, you need to take time to recharge and to get your feelings in check. This can be a time that you go out and walk in nature, take a salt bath or just relax in front of the television.

Having social interaction is important but if you feel drained after a big event, take time for yourself to rest and recharge.

Heal Yourself

You have to make sure that you are healed before you try to feel others. Look at what you are feeling and make sure that you are free of pain and hurt before you try to make others feel better. You might be someone that is always wanting to help others, but you have to make sure that you are healed before you go and heal others. Be patient with yourself and love who you are.

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