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What is a Soulmate or Karmic Relationship?

What is a Soulmate or Karmic Relationship?

Meeting someone that you are instantly connected with can give you a spark in your soul. You will feel familiar with them and it will almost feel like you remember them, and you know them.

There is a chance that you will even feel that you have seen them before, or you might remember their voice or how they feel. You will feel that you have met them somewhere and you will have an intense connection with them.


Just because you are familiar with this person doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to be good. You might feel that you are in a situation that you are used to but that doesn’t mean that they will make you feel safe.

This is a relationship that can leave you feeling worried and can cause your self-esteem to lower. This is especially true if you are in a karmic relationship. This can mean that you are in patterns that keep repeating themselves.

You will keep repeating these patterns until you pay back your karma. You might feel worried about things changing and you will need to break these patterns.

Love and Karma

People are often caught in a karmic relationship and this will leave them feeling emotional and tired. Real love is full of peace and joy and growth, but a karmic relationship can leave you with someone that tries to control you, hurt you, lie to you and mistreat you.

If you are with someone that is always hurting you on purpose, know that this is probably a karmic relationship. Even if the sex is good, the fights will be big, and you will end up being in places where you say and do unforgivable things.

Knowing a karmic relationship is important and it is how you can know if this person is your destiny or not. This can bring up past issues in your life and this is how you are supposed to grow. You need to learn these lessons so you can move forward.

Accept It

You have to accept that this relationship is a karmic relationship and that you will not be with this person forever. You might have mistaken your feelings for love, but you will see that this is not love.

Karma is something that can be addictive to you, but you will see that the attitude and behavior that you have to put up with is not good. You will see that as soon as you know that this relationship is a karmic relationship, you can start growing and learning your lesson and be able to move forward.

Taking a Different Path

You have to learn this lesson on your own and you have to learn that each person has a different karmic situation. Everyone has karmic debt and if your karmic debt has to be paid back, you will have to face your fears.

These lessons will teach you a lesson in your life and if not, you will have to deal the emotions that will keep repeating.

Breaking the Pattern

You have to break the pattern and stop beating yourself up for what has happened in your life. You cannot let this drain you of your energy, but you take the experiences, and you learn to deal with them.

Being aware of your karmic situation ill help you to grow spiritually and will help you to evolve as a person. This can mean that you don’t have to go through it again, as long as you really learn.

Not Again

If you feel brave, pay off your karmic debts and learn to change your life. Experience the pain if you have to and learn from it. Learn to let your burdens come and go and take the option to learn your lesson and to become the ruler of your own life.

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