What Do Men Really Want in Women?

Asking a man what he wants in a woman will probably be something about how she looks. Men and women both want a partner that is going to be attractive, but if you look deeper about what someone wants when it comes to having a partner, there are different things that men and women want. Here are some things that […]

A Message from the Universe or a Wish?

Mediums will look at their work differently than other people. Some people watch mediums on television and think that this is what it is going to look like, but this is not how real mediums work. Mediums would never just go up to someone and give them a message. They have specializations and they do individual readings, but they do […]

Signs You are an Empath

Some people have a stronger awareness than other people and some will feel things at different levels.  A psychic empath is someone that feels energy from others and will process the information in a way that is different than other people. Empaths There is a high sense of empathy from an empath.  Most of the time, the emotions that an […]

Forgiving Yourself of Past Mistakes

There is no denying that everyone makes mistakes and that as humans we often fail.  This can be in our jobs, in our family or in relationships.  We always have some point in our lives where we are disappointed in ourselves and where we have to live with mistakes that we have made. You have to stop letting the mistakes […]