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Forgiving Yourself of Past Mistakes

Forgiving Yourself of Past Mistakes

There is no denying that everyone makes mistakes and that as humans we often fail.  This can be in our jobs, in our family or in relationships.  We always have some point in our lives where we are disappointed in ourselves and where we have to live with mistakes that we have made.

You have to stop letting the mistakes define you and learn to forgive yourself so that you can better yourself.  If you choose not to forgive yourself, you are just making life harder for you.  Instead of always feeling bad, take time to forgive yourself and find motivation to just do better.


Take time to figure out what you did wrong and to acknowledge what caused you to make the mistakes you did.  Just like a car accident, hat did you do wrong before you hit another car?  Were you distracted or not paying attention?  Take time to really think about what you did wrong and what lead up to it.

Quality Time

One thing that can help anyone is to take time to be alone and reflect on your thoughts.  When you are at a point where you hate yourself, you need to get up and not just sit around moping.  Go out somewhere and find something to do.  Call this a date with yourself and find something fun to do.  Get therapy and find a new hobby.

Talk to Someone

Find someone that understands what you are doing and what you have went through.  Find someone that you trust that you can talk to.  Talk to someone that won’t judge you, even if it is a therapist or a counselor.  Let your feelings go and let someone listen.

Be True

The hardest part of getting over something is to admit that you made a mistake.  It is easy to make up excuses and you have to learn to be open with what has happened and to be honest.  If you hurt someone, open up to them and apologize.  If you hurt yourself, figure out why and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.


If you are feeling down, you are probably feeling guilty too.  You might feel that you are the only one that will understand what you did wrong and that your feelings and emotions are understandable.  What happened in the past is the past and you have to learn to move on.  Go out and have fun, go to the movies, go out with friends.  Take a moment for yourself and find some joy.  Don’t spend your life miserable.


The last step to forgive yourself is to remind yourself to do better.  Find something great to do and when you really forgive your past mistakes then you will seek to do better.  This is not easy and there is no true way to do it right.  No one said that doing something positive after a mistake is easy, but learn to push on and you will find success.

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