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Finding Out if Love is Real

Finding Out if Love is Real

Is love really real or is it something that none of us will ever really have? Are people really able to experience love like the movies show us or is it just one big thing to make us feel miserable in life? What is real love?

Love is not a simple thing, and it is not something that we can really define. When you wait for someone to meet up with you or you get butterflies, this is just a feeling associated with love but that is not real love. Sometimes it can be confusing to know if someone really loves you or not.

Love is something that is confusing and powerful and it is impossible to really say what love is.

Is Love Real or Fake?

When you watch movies or listen to songs about love, you find that love seems like a dream.  But the truth is, love is not just a feeling, but love is something that makes you know beyond knowing that someone loves you.

Are you someone that often wonders if the person that you are with really loves you or not? Maybe even you wonder if you love someone or if you are just lusting after them. In many songs, it tells us that love is an illusion, and you can know that love is not an illusion, but it is real, but finding real love is not always easy.

Love is something that is real, but you cannot define it by your experiences. You know when someone loves you and there is no real middle ground. People either love you or they don’t and that is what reality is.

If you cannot express how you feel for someone or how much you love them then chances are that is real love. Being in love or being romantic with someone is easier to understand than just love. When we face challenges with our partners, it can be hard to understand what love really is.

Just like breathing is real, so is love. But the question is what is love now and how do you know what love is and feels like?

Love is a powerful feeling beyond what you can imagine. You can never be tricked into being in love and being in love is real even if you believe it or not.

Love at First Sight

Many wonder if love at first sight is something that is real. When you imagine the idea of falling in love with someone that you saw for the first time, chances are that you cannot imagine this kind of love. When you think about the movies, time stops and everyone around them disappears, and this is what real love looks like on film.

Even though there are some studies about love at first sight, the truth is that this is something that rarely happens. You might have a physical attraction to someone but when you experience “love” at first sight, chances are that you are just lusting over someone.

If you want to know if love at first sight is real, it can be, but it is based only on physical attraction and not anything else.

If you aren’t sure if you have ever had love at first sight, here is how you know if you have experienced it:

  • You want to know more about the other person that you met.
  • You have lusting feelings which are hopeful that you will get a stronger relationship.
  • You make direct eye contact with that person.
  • You cannot stop thinking about them even though you just met them.

Love and Science

There is scientific proof about falling in love and how it changes the chemistry in your body and your brain. When people begin to fall in love, they go through three different stages, and this changes the way that the chemical in their brain works.

Here are the three stages of love:

  • Lust is the first stage, and it makes the testosterone in men and the estrogen in women increase.
  • Then comes attraction which stirs up the adrenaline, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin that can make you feel that you are in a euphoric state.
  • Lastly comes attachment which increases your oxytocin and vasopressin, and it can be released in other strong relationships such as mother and child relationships.

If you still wonder if love is real, then you need to know that even science says yes. Some people wonder and believe if there is really true love or if your brain is just teasing you.

You can think that your brain is playing tricks on you but the chemicals in your brain will show you that when you break up and you have heartbreak that you are losing some of the chemicals that are similar to when you stop drugs and go through withdrawal.

Forever Love

Love does not always last forever and that leads people to wonder if love is real. In the movies, we see love that is forever and that life romances last a lifetime.

Love can be something that does last for an eternity but not all love does. Since love is such a strong emotion, the brain chemicals in your body can cause you to have deep connections that last forever.

The more time you are with someone the more you feel for them and the more you are compatible with them, but it still does not mean that things will stay forever.

What if one of you decide that they do not feel the same and they no longer love you. Feelings can change and this will cause the brain chemistry to change as well. Love that does last will change intensity levels here and there and this can depend on what is happening in and out of the relationship.

What is Real Love?

Since love is a real thing, what is true love? This is something that will be asked for a lifetime. No matter if you have ever met your true love or not, real love does in fact exist.

True love is not about how much time you spend together, how many happy pictures that you take and put on social media, how many vacations you go on as a couple or how many matching sweaters that you have but true love means unconditional love. It means that you accept each other for who you are, and you don’t try to change each other. It means being together when things are hard.

When love is hard, people often want to leave but true love will keep working at the relationship until they can work through the challenges. How often have you asked yourself if you really have found love? Have you ever loved someone so much that you were not able to even express what you felt for them?

If you have ever had these feelings, then you have had true love. Real love is something that you feel deep down and something that you cannot put words to. Real love is not something that you can prove.

The feeling of love can apply to different kinds of relationships such as family relationships, friend relationships or partner relationships.

How to Know True Love

If you want to know if love is real, here is how you can know:

Making Demands

You know that you and your partner really love each other when you don’t want each other to change.  Love means that you accept someone for their good and their bad. You see their flaws, but you love them anyways.

Real love should be waking up with stinky breath and no makeup on or sharing tears when things are sad or happy. When you can make a strong bond with each other, that is real love.

Natural Love

Love should be something that is easy and natural. If you have to ask too many questions or make too many demands, then something is not right in the relationship. You probably do not really love your partner if this keeps happening.

Real love means that things are smooth and easy. Things are natural and you are not fearful of what the future holds for you and your partner.

True Love Gives and Takes

True love does not just always take but it is also giving. True love should be balanced, and no one should have to be the one that is always sacrificing to make things happen.

You know that you are in a loving and good relationship when giving and receiving is balanced and you have created a place of love in your home.

Love and Friendship

In order to really love someone, you have to be friends with them. You cannot just spend time together as lovers and think that this is love. Love should be about having fun together, spending time doing things with each other, getting annoyed at each other but inspired at the same time.

When you have true love, it means that you understand the goals and dreams that your partner has because your friendship is strong.

Love is Commitment

Real love is about being committed to the person you are with. There should be no conditional love when you have found your true love. Unconditional love is what real love is and that means that you love your partner no matter what.

No matter how attractive you see the opposite sex, you don’t go after them or flirt with them because you love your partner.  You are completely happy with them.

True and Lasting Love

True love will last when you really love someone. This happens with hard work and with challenges. Even if you fight with your partner, this will not be something that destroys the relationship, but it just brings balance to each of you and makes you both stronger.

You know that true love exists in your life when you no longer ask if your partner really loves you.

True Love and Fake Love

If you don’t know if you are really in love with your partner or if they really love you, you can know the difference between true and fake love.

Here is what true love looks like:

  • Being open and honest.
  • Trusting each other.
  • Loving yourself.
  • Loving what life gives you.
  • Being able to forgive each other.
  • Knowing that you have a future together.
  • You give from your heart.
  • You have intimacy.
  • You feel free in your love.
  • You listen to each other.

Here is what fake love looks like:

  • Full of doubts.
  • Game playing.
  • They want to change you.
  • You are about yourself.
  • You feel that your love is hard.
  • You are bitter or hurtful towards your partner.
  • You don’t know if you want to spend your future with them.
  • You have no real intimacy.
  • They control or manipulate you.
  • They only talk and never listen.

Languages of Love

You have probably heard about the five love languages, and these include affirmation, touch, time, service, and gifts. Each of them are important in the relationship and you should know your partners language of love so that you can know if they really care for you.

Here are the languages of love:

  • Affirmation-this is when they show you praise, and they appreciate the things that you do for them. They love you for who you are, and they are fast to tell you.
  • Touch-When your partner wants to hold your hand or hug and kiss you. They want to touch you whenever they can.
  • Time-This is when your partner wants to spend quality time with you and will give you all the attention that they have.
  • Service-Service is when you do things such as help around the house, run chores, make coffee for them or whatever makes them smile.
  • Gifts-this is the love language of loving to give and receive gifts. Some people do this to show their true love to their partner.


Do you believe in real love? If you do, you can express how you feel about someone and show if you truly love them. When you really love someone, you will know that they love you back in an unconditional way and that is how you know that love is real.

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