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What Do Men Really Want in Women?

What Do Men Really Want in Women?

Asking a man what he wants in a woman will probably be something about how she looks. Men and women both want a partner that is going to be attractive, but if you look deeper about what someone wants when it comes to having a partner, there are different things that men and women want.

Here are some things that men want in a women and vise versa:

  • Playfulness

Men like to have women that are easy to talk to and that are practical. He can connect with her when she has this personality, and it makes the relationship deep. Women that are playful and that are fun are women that can tease, go on adventures, play things together and more.

Men that are active love to play sports and other things and they like women that do as well. This can be an attraction for both women and men. Men like women that take action and women like men that bring experiences.

  • Caring

A man that wants to connect with a woman will see that he has to be caring and thoughtful. He needs to be nice and make conscious decisions to do things for her that show how he feels. The woman will most of the time be very loving and caring for a man and will go out of her way to do things for him, she wants the same in return.

  • Independent

Men like women that can think on their own and have their own goals. This will be a woman that has her life planned out. She wants a man that will be there to add to her independence and one that will turn her on. Finding a guy that is afraid of an independent woman might not work for the relationship that she is looking for.

  • Smart

Women like men that are smart and that have a good head on their shoulders. They like women that have good character and not just a nice body or a beautiful face, which of course doesn’t hurt. A woman that is smart will want to learn more things and will have her own opinion and she will be attracted to a man that gives her something to learn.

  • Kindness

As mentioned above, kindness is a great quality that women are looking for. They also like men that are giving and that take time to give her attention and to shower her with love and even small sentiments. It isn’t about spending a lot of money to please her but making sure that she feels taken care of.

  • Mature

It is hard to be in a relationship when one person is mature and the other isn’t. This can lead to fighting and to misunderstandings. When a woman is looking for a man, she is looking for someone that is able to share their feelings, to listen to her emotions and to even open up in a deep way. It is important for a woman to find a man that is emotionally available to her.

  • Shows Appreciation

Being appreciated is one of the biggest turn-ons for women. They love having the feeling that they are wanted and needed. They want to have a feeling of positivity and they want to know that they are loved and appreciated for all the things that they do to try and make their partner happy.

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