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Deciding to Date Your Best Friend

Deciding to Date Your Best Friend

Most people feel that you shouldn’t date someone that you work with. What about dating your best friend, though? There can be major loss if you decide that you are going to date your best friend, you might even lose them.

This is one thing that people often call a psychic or a therapist to talk to. They want to know if they should take the chance to date their best friends. The thing is, most of the time this situation goes one of two ways, either the dating fails, and it is a loss of a friendship, or the relationship can be successful, but it might fade over time. Most of the time a best friend might not end up as your everlasting partner.  Here are some of the most common reasons a relationship fails:

Passion and Growth

Energy matching is something that can bring passion and growth, but it can also go another direction. There can be an attraction between friends because friends share a similar energetic situation, but the problem is that when you date your friends for a long time, the energies are so similar that it causes the vibrations to match up. This can cause there to be a different kind of charge in the relationship and will cause the passion and the growth to subside and to become stagnant. This happens when people are too similar.

Some people feel that they have been in a relationship with their best friend for so long that it just seems like an easy thing just to date. But the problem is that this kind of relationship can start out strong but then end like a pattern of best friends because best friends are often too similar. This can cause the sex to not be passionate or it can cause the friendship to feel weird. Most likely in these situations, the relationship will always be like a friendship, and it won’t be as romantic as desired. Of course, when this happens, if the relationship breaks off, there is a chance that the friendship will go too.

Of course, you can make this relationship good if you are willing to communicate and be open with your best friend and if you are willing to talk about things like sex, communication, emotions, and other deep things.

Polarity of Energies

People that you look for in a mate are normally someone that is opposite to you. People that want to grow their relationships will want to have an energy polarity with that person because this can make the relationship last long-term. The connection might take a lot of effort, but it has much less chances of boredom, energy matching and codependency.

Energies like to match with the person that you are with. Your energies will be different, and this means that the person won’t have the same friends that you have or the same interests. This can allow them to have a passion for each other and can give opportunities that both people in the relationship can grow separately and together in the relationship. This doesn’t mean that the relationship will be easy and without challenges, but these challenges can be exciting and good. This can help the couples to communicate better and to face challenges that make them both better.

There are people that are so unalike though that it doesn’t work out well for them either. There should be the same kind of life goals and values and there has to be some similarities or there will be nothing in common at all.

Free Will and Karma

Free will and karmic contracts can play a role in how well a relationship works. It can guide your choices and it can help you to make a relationship good or bad. If you want to date your best friend, you need to find out if you are just doing it out of boredom or if you are really interested in them. You can have an intimate relationship that is good and amazing with your best friend, just make sure that it is going to work for both of you.

Love can come between friends, and it can work but you can also get into situations with a best friend that leave you and your partner no longer in a relationship and without a best friend. Just because you are best friends doesn’t mean that the relationship is going to work.

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