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Why Men Leave Women

Why Men Leave Women

Have you met someone that is important and you have spent so much time with them that you became infatuated with them? Then out of nowhere they stop talking to you? This is something that can be common. Sometimes men will disappear on a woman and she may never even know why. There are reasons behind these leaves.


Most of the time when a guy ghosts a girl it happens because he isn’t mature enough to be in a real relationship. If you are the person getting ghosted, remember that it is not your fault. Being in a good relationship means that you are with someone that will tell you when things aren’t working out or not. When a man leaves, chances are he isn’t mature enough to say that things aren’t what he wanted.


Sometimes a man might disappear for a while because the has things going on in his life. Situations can be challenging and if this happens, you might still be able to work things out with him, if you want to. This could be something like a job loss, a death or even just something entirely different.

If you are in the beginning of your relationship, your man might not know how to talk to you and there might be a lot of pain he is dealing with. This is a red flag though and you need to pay attention to things like this.


Anxiety can be hard for anyone and if a man struggles with anxiety, it can be hard for him to understand what he is going through. He might not talk to you so that he can understand and handle his feelings. Men like this need to get counseling and they need to find someone they can talk to.

Plan B

Even though this is a hard one to swallow, some guys will keep you around in case their plan A doesn’t work out. Sometimes men will start ghosting women when they are talking to someone else. By not telling you about another girl, they are keeping you on a string so that they can call you in the future if their other romance doesn’t work out.

Don’t allow a man to treat you like this. Don’t let him ghost you and cause you to feel unloved. Love yourself and never put yourself last in any relationship.

Final Thoughts

None of the situations above have anything to do with you. If you are getting ghosted by a man, it might be time to move on. Don’t sit in pity and self-shame but get up and meet someone new. You don’t have time to have to deal with someone that doesn’t want to be around you. You should never have to beg to be in a relationship with someone.

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