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Signs You are an Empath

Signs You are an Empath

Some people have a stronger awareness than other people and some will feel things at different levels.  A psychic empath is someone that feels energy from others and will process the information in a way that is different than other people.


There is a high sense of empathy from an empath.  Most of the time, the emotions that an empath have come from other people that are around them.  They will feel the emotions of others and will not need to be told what is going on.

An empath psychic will be very sensitive and will have to have different ways to shield their aura from the negative energies that they get, or they will always be feeling down and upset.  Empaths need to practice meditation to get rid of negative energies.

Signs You are an Empath

If you see that you have a strong sense of emotions, chances are that you might be an empath psychic.

Overwhelming Emotions

Maybe people have always told you that you are too sensitive and maybe they overlook how you are feeling.  If you feel that you are always having emotions that are stronger than you should expect, this could mean you are an empath.

Like or Dislike

An empath can read someone immediately and you will know if you like someone or not right when you meet them.  This can be a strong attraction to someone or the idea to stay away from them.

Physical Feelings

If you feel pain when you are around someone that is sick, you might be an empath.  They sense others pain and feel it in physical form.

Know Things

If you know things and you don’t know why you know things, chances are you have deeper feelings than others.  You might want to open up your heart and see what you are feeling and realize that you are more compassionate than you even knew.


Sometimes an empath will sense hurt and pain and then they will be able to heal them.  They will not know how they are healing someone, and they will be able to touch their bodies.  This can be healing from:

• Heartbreak.
• Emotional problems.
• Physical sickness
• Mental illness


If you or someone you know has psychic abilities, use them.  The universe has given you these gifts for a reason.

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