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Dating Direct Men

Dating Direct Men

Have you ever questioned why some women have chosen you over other people?  If you are a confident and direct person, this can be a turn on and you can automatically be a winner.

Women are attracted to direct men because dating is hard.  Women don’t want to guess what someone is feeling and have to take time figuring out where he stands.  Women don’t want to date someone that makes them question what is going on and women do not like to date passive men

Most young women that are single look to find men that are direct and men that have a solid plan in their life.  They want someone that is fun and someone that knows what they want and expresses it.

Men that are honest with who they are, they are sexy and women like that.  Some of the sexiest men are the ones that don’t leave a woman guessing.

Women like men that will take the lead and that will be trusting and strong.  They want someone that is not too mysterious because it can cause women to be stressed and anxious and not knowing where to go next.


Dating should be fun and when there is a man that makes things complicated, it isn’t a happy time.  It is hard to trust men that do not have confidence and those that are not direct.

When a man is open about what he is feeling, the date can be fun.  It is not fun when there are people that cause you to be stressed.  A woman does not want to be with someone that causes her to be stressed because he is so indirect.  A woman wants someone that is serious about her and will show it and make her feel secure.

Most women do not want to play games after a point of time and they just want to know what is honest and real with the person.


Someone that is confidence is a real turn on.  They are straightforward and they are direct, and these qualities go together well.

Men that are direct will be attractive to women and this is why women know what they want.  He is one she will want, and he will go after her. Women like to be pursued and when a man makes plans in advance and goes after her, this is passionate.

Waste of Time

A man that is direct will not waste the time of a women because he will be honest.  If he is not connected after a first date, then he will say that there is no connection and they can move on.  He will not be dishonest and lead her on or make things uncomfortable.

Men that are direct aren’t afraid to have conversations that are uncomfortable they just want to be honest.  A woman can feel confident in knowing what a direct man wants and what he is thinking.

A woman that wants a guy knows that a guy that is always leaving her guessing is not who she wants to be with and is a waste of time.  There are things that come with indirect attitudes that are hard to read.  This happens and causes people to not be interested and this can be hurtful for the woman.  This can be wasted time.


A man that is direct can cause a woman to be happy and not stressed out.  She doesn’t have to guess what is going on because there are no games.

When there is no reason to doubt a person, the woman will be happy and will feel more relaxed and comfortable.  She will want to be with this person.

When a man is direct and makes a woman feel comfortable then she will like him and have fun on the date.


Direct men have character and a woman will know his intentions and see him as a genuine and attractive person.  She will find him to have no issues and she will see that he is fun to be around and what his intentions are.


When there is a man that will share his feelings and will be transparent, it takes all the fear out of the relationship.  This can make a communication easy and honest.

Men that are like this are easy to talk to and will be able to communicate and talk to a woman and make her feel that she can trust him.  This makes her feel that he is all the way there and that the relationship is important to him.

Having a man that is like this will allow the relationship to stay together and even if there is a bit of mystery, she will not have to always be guessing what is going on in his mind.

Women love a guy that is direct and open about what he is feeling.  Women do not want to be led on and confused about how the date is going or what the guy is thinking.  Being direct can be the best part of being on a date.

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