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How To Talk To a Guy You Like

How To Talk To a Guy You Like

Most girls will wonder how to talk to guys and there are more ways that you can talk to a guy than just saying hi. Knowing how to talk to a guy can be the difference between someone who gets attention and someone that is just annoying.

You need to know how to talk to a guy to impress him and this isn’t just about impressing one guy but impressing each one you meet. You can have fun and be desirable. If you want to make a guy like you, here are some ways:


Guys like girls that are funny and love to have fun. Laugh a lot and smile. Let your eyes have a sparkle. No guy can resist a girl that can have fun and laugh.

Be Graceful and Coy

Women have always liked men that are chivalrous, and men loved women that are full of grace. There is a difference between being shy and being coy.

Guys like a girl that is coy and clever, but at the same time graceful. Be the one that will twirl her hair when she is thinking and have cute expressions that you will show.

Guys like things about a girl that make them shine.


Men like a girl when she will touch them in a gentle way. Touch his arm when you are talking to him or put your hand on his shoulder. Always be appropriate and you will see his interests peak.


Men want to protect their women. Let him protect you and use his primal instinct to impress you. If you cross the street, hold out your arm for him to hold or if you get scared let him protect you.

Watch Your Mouth

Girls that use bad language are a turnoff to guys. This happens because guys do not want a girl to be using bad words all the time and they do not want to hear you constantly complain about other people.


Guys like a girl that has a mystery about them. Do not tell them everything about you on the first date. Smile and be flirty and do not give it all away.

Let them work things out of you and be like a mystery.


Men like a girl that can be mischievous now and then. They want to see you lighten up the mood. Be full of pranks and jokes but do not go overboard. At the same time be sweet and fun and not boring.

One of the qualities of a girl is to be sweet. Be well natured and to not be fake. Guys cannot stand a girl that is fake and if you are really nice, he will be more interested.

Show Appreciation

Always appreciate when a guy does something for you. If he opens the door or buys you a drink, always smile and say, “thank you.” Do not feel that you can take advantage and be nice when he does something nice for you.

Play Hard to Get

Do not give in to guys immediately and always have a good manner but do not fall head over heels with them. Let them work for a date and let it take time for them to get to take you out. This is a huge turn on for guys.

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