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How to Know He Loves You

How to Know He Loves You

If you have been dating the same person for a while, it is likely you have started to ask if he really loves you. Below you will find several ways to know for sure that it really is love, no need to keep pulling off flower petals and hoping, these are real signs. Remember that it is the actions that truly speak to the facts. It does not matter if your man is not a talker or if all he does is talk, what holds true are the actions. This does not mean you need to question his profession of love if he says it often, but that his actions should match the words. So, below are a list of actions and explanations.

  • Helps You Feel Good About Yourself – We all need to be with someone who makes us feel good about who we are and if your partner cares for you, he will work to increase your self-esteem. He will not try to change you, but instead allow you to be yourself without concern and still love you.
  • Wants to Spend Time with You – We all have busy schedules, but if he truly loves you, he will make time. If he takes pleasure investing in your relationship and enjoys doing things together outside the bedroom, love is in the air. This does not have to be anything exciting because even average activities will feel incredible.
  • Respectful – If he treats you like you are on equal playing fields in which your emotions, ideas, opinions, and needs are considered and important, then it is likely love. The more you respect yourself, the more likely he will treat you with respect as well.
  • He Asks about your Day – When he genuinely cares, he will want to know about your day. He may not always understand your emotions or the details, but he will remain attentive anyway. Day to day can get mundane, but long-term success means sharing even the mundane.
  • He Wants to Take Care of You – When a man really loves a woman, he will feel driven to take care of her and vice versa. This does not mean relinquishing yourself as he should respect your identity and power, but he will still want to be there for you. This is a sign of love.
  • He Trusts You – If a man loves you, he will not doubt or question you. He will not feel a need to be possessive, controlling, or clingy. He may want to know who you spend time with or where you have been, but not out of suspicion, just interest.
  • Attracted Emotionally – In the beginning it is usually physical attraction that draws people, but this is not enough for a real relationship. An emotional attraction is an indication of love. When a guy shares his insecurities, hopes, fears, and dreams, you are trusted.
  • Helps When Needed – If you are need of something, a man who loves you will step in and help. This is not a domination or being overbearing, but that he wants to help without making you feel bad.
  • Willing to Move Forward – When he is ready to commit to a future with you, it is likely love.
  • Respectful – If you share the same views it is wonderful, but when you disagree, yet he respects you, it is likely love. This is him showing you that you can have independent ideas without being a threat to him.
  • PDA – Every couple is unique and some may be more comfortable with displays of affection than others. If he is not afraid to touch you in public and proud to let the world know you are together, it is likely love.
  • Checks In – Whether it’s a funny text a few times a week while at work or a call every night, checking in means he cares. If the texts become demanding or controlling, it is a red flag, but a strong relationships is trusting, yet caring when it comes to the other person.
  • Teases and Plays – Just like in school, a guy that teases you in fun is showing he cares. As long as both of you are having fun it is an indication of love.
  • Does Things to Make You Happy – He may not be the best at cooking, but if he tries to make you a meal just to make you happy or listens to a band just because they are your favorite, it is likely love.
  • Includes You in His Decisions – A man in love will want to build a life with you and take the steps to include you in his decisions. This goes for the big and small things to show you he respects your input.
  • He says We More Than I – This change in terminology means he is no longer fearful of commitment and sees the two of you as a team. It’s a relationship with two equal players.
  • Gets Affectionate – If you catch him opening up and being affectionate, then there is a strong possibility of love, especially is he is not normally overly affectionate. When it is physical, it does not always have to be about sex because he is focused on you being happy, not just himself.
  • Compromises With You – A man who respects a woman will respect her decisions and make decisions with her which often means compromising on both sides.
  • Tells You He is Thinking of You – If he daydreams about you and you are in his head, then you are also in his heart.
  • Looks At You – Though eye contact is simple, it is powerful, positive, and loving. This goes for everything from conversation to sex.
  • Reminisces with You – You probably have a wide range of shared experiences and if you can look back on them together with love, it is true love. Him bringing them up means they are valuable to him.
  • Defends You – If necessary, he defends and supports your choices as a way to protect you. This is often love.
  • Uses His Love Language with You – Not all people speak the same love language. If he uses his with you then it is likely love. If you do not know your love languages, then take an online quiz to find out. Not all couples speak the same love language.

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