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Stop Caring if They Love You or Not

Stop Caring if They Love You or Not

Do you care about someone that doesn’t care about you? Do you have someone in your life that you love to have around, and you feel lost without them?  Are you always thinking about someone that you are pretty sure isn’t thinking about you?

The things that you experience in your life make you have happiness or sometimes pain. These are things that you are constantly learning from and the lessons that you learn can be positive.

Life is short and you need to be careful who you give your time to. Stop giving your time to people in your life that aren’t about you. You deserve someone that loves you the same way that you love them and stop giving in to less.

Coming to this realization is hard and people often have emotions that are high when they are in relationships. If you take a step back and think of all the lies, games and broken promises that he has given you, you can see this from a different point of view.

You may trick yourself to think that as he gets older and changes that he will step up and make you feel that you are important and make you feel like the woman that you should be, but this is generally wrong.

Stop wasting time on a relationship that is one sided because this will make you feel worse and will make your heart get hard.

Once you learn to stop caring for someone that doesn’t care back for you, you can see that your life can be better. Here are some things that can help you do that:

You Deserve to Feel Important

Let go of someone that doesn’t make you feel important, even when it is hard. You never have deserved to be with someone that doesn’t care back for you the way that you care for them.

Even though this will make you sad at first, you will see in the end it’s the best.

See Him for What He Is

Loving someone can make you imagine that they are someone else. It can cause you to feel that you know them and to create an idea of them.

If they are lying to you or manipulating you, they are not who you want them to be. Once you be honest with yourself and see who they really are, you can start moving on.

Be Happy

Your happiness should be the most important thing to you. If he isn’t making you happy and you keep giving in to him over and over again because you think he will change, now is the time to move on without him.

He may or may not always be there for you and you are too good to him for him not to make your happiness a priority. Start putting you first and doing what makes you happy and stop trying to let him control your happiness.

Listen to Your Mind

Your heart is all about love but sometimes you need to listen to your mind. Your heart can trick you when you have feelings for someone, and it can make you think that a bad relationship is good.

Do not settle for less than you want in your life and stop caring about someone the way that they don’t care about you. Do not let him keep holding you back.

Have Standards in Life

If he doesn’t love and respect you, you need to move on. Demand this form him and be clear about what you will and will not accept from him.

Value yourself enough that you will not let someone come to you that will heart you or will not take your heart and love as important.

Look at your future and realize that you are as lonely with him as you will be without him. Do not act different than who you are to try to get him to give you attention.

Leaving Him and Be Happy

If your relationship is not peaceful then you need to go out of your relationship. Say goodbye to him and move on. This will be hard at first but the stress and the idea that you will ever change him can go away.

You will see as you leave him that you are better than you have ever been.

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