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What Happens When the One Who Said They Would Never Betray You, Does?

What Happens When the One Who Said They Would Never Betray You, Does?

Have you ever believed in someone and loved them so much that you knew that they would never betray you? And then one day, it happened and the person that swore to you that they would never hurt you, did?

It hurts to be betrayed by someone, especially someone that you knew would never hurt you. The pain in your heart and your soul changes you forever and leaves you afraid of trusting other people because you expect them to hurt you as well.

When someone betrays you, it causes you to lose faith in people and to not allow people to get close to you. If someone betrays you though, you have to be stronger than they are, and you have to learn to move forward in your life.

Not Your Fault

No matter what excuse someone uses for betraying you, it was not your fault. The only fault that you had in it was trusting that someone that you loved would not hurt you.

They broke their promise to you, and it was not your fault.

People Aren’t Who They Seem to Be

There are some people that aren’t who they seem to be. Learn to be careful about who you trust and know that there is a chance that you will be hurt by that person down the road.

Staying with You

People that hurt and betray you aren’t meant to be in your life forever. They are likely a lesson that you were meant to learn but not someone that was meant to be with you forever.


Even though you are super hurt, and your feelings are like broken ice, getting revenge will not help you.

Learn to move on and let go because you will only regret any revenge that you try to get. You aren’t the same as the person that hurt you, let them take that for themselves and be the good person you are.

Lesson Learned

Life is all about learning lessons and once you experience heartbreak, you realize that you should never trust people to be perfect.

The way that he treated you was unfair, and you have to know that some people hurt others on purpose.

He is someone that wasn’t good for you and its best that you moved on without them.

Finding Good People

Even though this person hurt you and betrayed you, not everyone is that way. Find people that are still good and honest.

There are people that need and deserve to be trusted and don’t lose hope on them because of this one person.

You Are Strong

Know that you are a strong person and even though your heart is broken, time will help you heal. You have to have faith in yourself that you are strong and that you will overcome this heartbreak.

Talk to a Friend

Take this time to talk to your friend and to cry on their shoulder. They are there for you until the end and they are your best friend.

Let them be in your life and let them show you that you are not alone.


You must forgive this person to be able to move on in your life. This is a chapter in your life that is over and when you learn to forgive them and move forward, you will start a new chapter in your life that is better and stronger.

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