Which Season to Fall in Love

When is the best season to fall in love?  People are romantic and are looking for love in all places.  Love is a thing that is around all the time and can always be close to someone that is looking for it. A relationship can happen during any season but there are certain times where relationships are most exciting, even […]

Why Are Secret Relationships Such a Thrill?

Secret relationships are exciting and thrilling. The mere thought of a clandestine liaison under the covers is enough to entice many people to drop everything and go off in pursuit of something that’s a bit shady but very sexy. What makes covert couplings so seductive? Here are 10 factors that make private pairings worth all the trouble. Sex secrets are […]

Reigniting Your Relationship

People are always asking how they can reignite their relationships.  The thing about love is that it is passionate, and it brings up arousal and makes you feel excited.  The problem is that this usually ends in about a year and a half. It doesn’t mean that love goes completely away, it just means that it begins to decline because […]