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Reigniting Your Relationship

Reigniting Your Relationship

People are always asking how they can reignite their relationships.  The thing about love is that it is passionate, and it brings up arousal and makes you feel excited.  The problem is that this usually ends in about a year and a half.

It doesn’t mean that love goes completely away, it just means that it begins to decline because of regular things happening in life.

The truth is, our body cannot handle passionate love to stay strong forever but it can handle love being happy and perky.

There are some ways that you can make your relationship shine.  Here are a few ways:

Find New Activities

If you want your relationship to spark, you need to act like you did when you first got together.  One way is to find activities that you and your partner want to try together.  This can help you feel like you did at the beginning of your relationship when you would try new things.

Try some things like mountain climbing or ice skating.

Be Mysterious

Mystery is another way to ignite your relationship.  Surprise your partner with a trip or with tickets to their favorite show.  Even cooking their favorite dinner can go a long way.

Increase the Arousal

Try to find ways to increase the arousal.  Do things like watching scary movies together to perk up the passion in the relationship.

Working out together can also increase the adrenaline and make things more arousing.


Let the two of you take a small vacation.  Do this when there is a lot of pressure in your home.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to do this, just take time away from home and spend it together.


Touching increases the arousal in relationships.  Touch each other more often like holding hands or kissing.

Have Fun

Find time to play together and to laugh.  Couples can play by playing in the snow, playing board games or just having fun.

When you think of a date night, think of something that you can do that will be fun and increase the laughter in your relationship.

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