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How to Avoid Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

How to Avoid Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

Are you on the quest for love? Still looking for your perfect match…your soul mate? Maybe you’ve been looking for a while now. Or maybe you’ve just begun to search out your perfect match. No matter what stage you in when it comes to your quest for love, perhaps the main question that comes to mind is…where in the world should I even be looking for love? Well, the answer to that question is to stop looking for love. Stop looking for the right one. Before love can happen, you yourself need to be the right one.

What does it mean when we say you need to be the right one? Well, first it’s important to realize that you may actually be looking for love in all of the wrong places. Sure, it sounds cliché. But actually, what you’ve probably been doing is looking for that love outside of yourself. Meaning…your line of thinking is that finding love is exterior-based. In actuality, first you must find the love inside yourself. You must find your spirit and know your own heart before love will be able to find you in the outside world. The lesson here is that if you have learned to love yourself…what’s inside, when you become the right one, then you also become what others are searching for.

So, what does it truly take for you to find love? What does it truly take for you to become the right one?  What it takes is that you must fully love yourself in the deepest way possible. This will then open the doors to letting love in and finding the one that’s right for you. This requires you to let go of your fears. Let go of the fears of being vulnerable, of not being loveable, and of not being good enough for someone else. Upon feeling the true love inside of yourself, you’ll then be able to banish those limiting thoughts and fears that are holding you back from finding true love.

Finally, it’s important not to have a narrow mind or a preconceived notion of what love is going to look like when it finally finds you. Love will simply be. It will be what is right for you. So be sure to let love in when it arrives. Be open to it. And remember that you cannot experience the love of another until you fully and truly love yourself. If you need to, you can even come up with a daily mantra to chant so that you are reminded that you yourself are love and therefore in putting an aura of self-love out there, the universe will return that love back to you.

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