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Is there a possibility of best friends becoming lovers?

Is there a possibility of best friends becoming lovers?

That one person in your life whom you can share anything with, without being judged is a best friend. Since you tend to spend a lot of time with each other, there is a high chance of you falling for each other. However, is falling in love with your best friend the best idea?

Friends will be there with you in life regardless of anything that might happen, while those in relationships may break up and probably not talk to each other ever again. That’s why it’s risky to fall in love with a best friend. Nevertheless, the response to this question is, yes, you and your best friend can become lovers.  There is a potential of the risks above occurring but not a guarantee.  Won’t you regard yourself a coward if you feel attracted to your best friend but out of fear, you decide to hold your emotions? It’s important to note that most successful relationships are as a result of a solid foundation built through friendship.

The disadvantage is, you might decide to date but it will be quite unfortunate when you fall apart.  That, however, doesn’t stop you from being best friends again. The fact that you have gotten intimate with each other means you know a lot about each other, therefore, can be a pair of best friends, you should definitely follow your heart.

What are the reasons therefore why you and your best friend should become lovers?

  1. Texting each other every time won’t be complicated

When you have a separate lover and a separate bestie, jealousy tends to be the order the day. Both of them will want your attention but if your lover is also your best friend, you will have a drama free life.

Besides that, you can text each other anytime without being worried since you two have known each other for a long time.

  1. Individuals will pay less attention to the two of you

People will now stop guessing if you two are a couple or not. Gone are the days that they used to joke about you being a couple. Jokes on them now.

  1. There are no secrets between you

A lot of couples will be envious of this kind of bond. You trust each other too much and there’s no room for negativities. That’s because you already knew the kind of person you were getting involved with. Therefore, it’s quite possible for best friends to become lovers.

  1. It will be incredibly easy to decide on dinner plans

You will not have to pretend to be what you’re not since your bestie already knows you very well. Let’s say if it’s eating pizza while watching Netflix, you don’t have to pretend that you can’t do that. You find it easy including each other into your everyday plans, be it long-term or short-term.

  1. Looks won’t matter

You can put on anything you want. This is because your bestie has seen you at both your best and worst, therefore, you don’t have to dress to impress.

  1. Trust is deeply built

You find it hard hiding anything from your lover because they know you inside and out. When hanging out with the opposite sex, your partner doesn’t get disturbed since they know you and your friend too well. Trust cannot be broken.

  1. You won’t have to keep requesting for time to be with each other

You now have mutual friends; this means that you will be hanging out with each other without feeling like you’re separated from your partner.

  1. You are already loved by their family

This is because they have seen you before, this makes you part of that family. You, therefore, don’t need to act in any particular way to impress his family.

  1. You back up each other

You’ll support each other regardless of what people say.  He or she should be your motivator. As you continue being together, you’ll realize that you’re becoming better and better.

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