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Reasons why men cannot resist a woman who is naturally challenging

Reasons why men cannot resist a woman who is naturally challenging

There is a dating dilemma that comes in today’s world from the deepest roots of male biology which is more significant than before.

How do you make a man sees you as a prize?

Many answers are flooding dating sites and articles which takes us to a similar solution.

“You can’t be too easy, make him work for it”

As a woman, you should play hard to get, this develops you as a naturally challenging woman and will not only showcase your value to prospective men but also keep men on their toes to win you. below are ways you can become a naturally challenging woman who doesn’t have to worry about playing hard to get again.

Maintain healthy priorities

Have and maintain healthy priorities, that is the thin line that separates manipulation of playing hard to get and the healthy habit of being naturally challenging.

It’s easy for our instincts to lead us astray when dating. It’s important to always keep your phone on check just in case he texts, even when at work.

Several individuals meet a new partner and within weeks they have made that stranger a priority in their life.

These habits are not biologically designed to create a healthy, long-term relationship but are biology talking. You become automatically challenging when it takes a man time to prove himself as a worthy of a place in your life. Once he’s in, he feels validated and secure in the effort he had put in to earn it.

Sex is irrelevant when it comes to being naturally challenging

The dating process is usually related to sex, that’s its challenge. Do not give in easily, let him put some effort.

Sex has always been used to challenge men as if it’s the only thing they hope to attain.

Being naturally challenge is all about what a guy has to do to win you over, he has to convince you that he can take care of you. It’s not all about sex.

It is also knowing that the fact that he slept with you doesn’t give him room to disrespect you so he’ll have to meet your standards or else you walk away.

Valuing of your exclusivity

It is a fact that the average man has less dating options than the average woman. Regardless of this notion, something odd is still happening in many women who date.

They love men who fail to reciprocate the same love to them. When looking for a person or a man to love, be free to explore the different options that you have. Women usually focus on sex and this makes them be viewed as worthless.

The naturally challenging woman comprehends well the promise of her loyalty and the valuable offerings she has. She is hard to get and doesn’t give in to anything easily. All in all, she doesn’t feel guilty of being advantageous and dating many people she knows she has a right to do so.

Honesty and being genuine means one is naturally challenging

There’s nobody who enjoys the deceptiveness of modern dating, I’m yet to meet someone. It’s unfortunate that the hard to get games work, even if it’s for a short term.

Being naturally challenging means you have to be true to yourself. You will not have time to worry over things since the burden will have already been lifted from your shoulder.

Being naturally challenging works in the long-term

Strategies that can be used are playing hard to get and acting like you are not interested. It can be applied for long until you lose focus and go back to what is natural. They are unnatural responses that cannot be maintained. Since being naturally challenging is part of who you are, it works in the long-term.

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