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Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

Have you been looking for Mr. Right but you don’t have a strategy?  You need one.  You need to find someone by attracting them instead of always trying to find them.

Here are 12 tips to help you find Mr. Right:

  1. Go In the Public.  You aren’t going to find the perfect guy by sitting at home on your couch.  You need to get into the public and make an effort to be seen.  Look at as many guys that are available as possible.  Dating is a game and the more that you meet the more likely you will find someone that meets your fancy.
  2. Go to the Right Places. If you want to go out looking for a guy, figure out where guys hang out.  Now that you know what that environment looks like, go there.  If it is church or a sporting event, the park, sporting good stores, bookstores or even hardware stores.
  3. Don’t be Comfortable. Go to places that you can meet new people, even if those places make you uncomfortable.  As long as you are going these places, people will find something in common with you.  Try to be cool and make yourself seem interesting.
  4. Go Out with Different People. Don’t always pick the same girlfriends to hang out with, but don’t go out alone either.  Find different friends that have different interests to go out with.  Men don’t like to feel like they have a huge audience and if you pick a big group, chances are the guy might not approach you.  Sometimes going out with people that are married or with other guy friends might thwart a guy coming up to you as well.
  5. Always Have a Plan. Be prepared when you go out and see a man that you would like to approach.  Try to start a conversation.  Be confident and sure of yourself.
  6. Learn About People You Want to be Around. Try to find people that are going to be interested in the same things that you like.  You can find something to talk about easier and you don’t have to look like you are being fake just to meet someone.  Try to be comfortable when having a conversation.
  7. Know Your Opening Questions. The hardest part of meeting someone new is trying to figure out what to say.  Make sure that you have 4-10 questions prepared that you can ask a guy when you first meet them.  Ask questions and see if they are interested by following up with more questions.  This will help you to not feel as pressured and will help you to be relaxed.
  8. Act Like a Star. If you are good at making people feel important, they will make you feel important as well.  Ask questions and listen to what they say to you.  Try to not act like you are the only one in the room that has something to say.
  9. Describe Yourself. Try to describe yourself but in a short sentence.  Only spend about 15-20 words about yourself.  Focus on the best things about you.  Talking about yourself too much will make you look prideful.  Try to be upbeat and happy and passionate when you talk.
  10. Have Things to Talk About. Try to come up with a few things that you can talk about in case there is an awkward silence.  These can be savers of conversation. Use vacation spots or current events as fillers.  Don’t forget to talk about your hobbies.  These can be great conversation starters and fillers.
  11. Nonverbal Actions. Not only does talking help people attract to you, but how you contain yourself and carry yourself says a lot.  Pay attention to your nonverbal cues and make sure that you are holding yourself well by having good eye contact and being confident.  If your body language says you are insecure, this can hurt you when looking for Mr. Right.  Be careful where you place yourself in the room.  Try not to be in a corner by yourself but put yourself in a high traffic area so you can have contact with all kinds of people.
  12. Talk, talk, talk. Focus on the conversation and make eye contact so that you show that you are interested.  If the guy you are talking to feels that he is attractive by your actions, then he will feel accepted and like you.  Try to speak clearly and don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic.  Express different emotions in your tone so that he has a chance to get to know who you really are.

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