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What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate?

It is hard to understand what  a soulmate truly is.  This is because we all adhere to the romantic definition of the word, wherein we find an expected, yet perfect, match.  We believe this even though we know it doesn’t exist. This is perfect because we get the perfect mate without trying.

It is incredibly frustrating to wait for the person we are destined to be with, but it is very easy.

The patience of waiting for the love of our life is a metaphor of our lives.  We want to do the least amount of work possible and find situations that are acceptable if not outstanding, because who wants to work too hard at a relationship?

Unfortunately, when you find the one you are meant to be with, it will not be at all easy.  This is because their work in your life is to excavate the real you that you carry inside.

Your soulmate will recognize the real you and they will help you see what has been holding you back. This will require you to do some soul searching and self-esteem building.  It may feel like you have been torn down only to be built back up.  As much as destruction as they bring, they are truly a gift to you. They will love you and change you by putting a mirror up to who you really are.  They will not be afraid to challenge you and your ideas.   This will not be fun. In fact, it will more than likely be painful.

This exposure will be confusing and make you feel vulnerable. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone so that you can grow to develop your inner strength.  This is scary because we want to have our comfort and are resistant to change. Yet when we stand up and go through the process of change, we can find the joy of our true love. This gives us the kind of comfort and joy we have never experienced before.

When we see past our own egos, we will be less afraid. We will have more courage than we ever thought possible. We will see truth. Everyday we pass people who may change your world simply by existing.  It is unknown when or how we will connect with them, and this surprise is what makes life worth living.  This is encouraging because if you don’t think you are important, think how you unknowingly affect each person you meet.  You have the power to change another’s life.  You could be the person that helps someone transform their whole world.

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