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Recognizing Cosmic Connections

Recognizing Cosmic Connections

Everything in life is connected in some way. There is no such thing as a chance meeting, a random person coming into your life, or the like. They are all cosmic connections. The universe is like a spider’s web, complex and interconnected in a way that if one strand is touched, the others are affected. While this may be scary to some, it can actually be quite inspiring. It is good to know that everything in our lives is the result of cosmic connections.

We must also remember that our existence on this material plane may not be our only experience at life as many believe in reincarnation and a connection between lifetimes. You existed before you were born and will continue to exist following your death. Between lives, in the spiritual realm, we can work on our next life. We make choices that will help us grow spiritually and choose cosmic connections that can be beneficial to that purpose. These connections to others are vital to our spiritual progression in life. Some are there only for a moment, while others are around for a lifetime, but either way, life is changed forever.

Our cosmic connections necessarily be people full of light and love because difficult people can teach us a great deal as well. Those we are cosmically connected to are there to help us gain a new perspective and heal, possibly changing our direction in life.

Recognizing a Cosmic Connection

There are a few ways we can identify cosmic connections; these are shared below.

  • Shake Things Up – Cosmic relationships tend to disrupt life in some way and force us to look at life to see if we want to change something. They may help us recognize our true values, see injustice, or help us follow dreams, but no matter what it will be something that makes us think.
  • Healing – Cosmic partners tend to bring deep healing to the soul as they believe in us to such a level that old pains are healed. These are people that remind us that no matter what has happened it is part of our spiritual journey and we do not need to remain in pain.
  • Inspiration – Cosmic connections can bring inspiration to help us change. They are reminders that dreams are possible if we can just move forward and can help us gain a sense of power. Just spending time with these individuals can leave us inspired.
  • Life Purpose – Sometimes, there will be an instant connection that makes it seem this person has been around for a lifetime. Something about them will remind us of who we are meant to be on our spiritual journey to work toward our soul purpose. Sometimes we get off course in life, but these individuals can help us redirect.
  • Pain – Just because it is a cosmic relationship does not mean it will be easy and sometimes, we meet to be challenged. This can be painful as we are forced to examine ourselves, face the truth, and decide whether we are going to change or not. These cosmic friends can make us step outside our comfort zone as we learn from the pain or challenge they may cause. This does not mean we should seek these relationship types, but that we can learn from them.
  • Openness – When we can realize that people come into our lives for a reason, we can open our hearts instead of being afraid of others. We can realize there is a higher purpose in each of our experiences. This frees us from fear and can transform us in amazing ways.

Recognizing cosmic connections can change our lives when we are willing to see each person as a divine messenger of sorts. All we meet have the potential to help us grow and learn about ourselves and the world. We need to learn to make the most of what they can offer in our journey.

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