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First Time Falling In Love

First Time Falling In Love

The first time that you experience heartbreak, you cannot imagine ever loving anyone again. You don’t know what to do with your time or who you even are because you cannot understand how someone you loved so much could leave you and walk out on you.

You do the only thing that you can do, you cry it out and then learn to move on. There is nothing else that you can do but to move on and learn to be happy and enjoy your life again.

When you begin to fall in love for the first time after your heart has been broken, the experience will be different than before. You will be afraid, and you will resist this relationship because you are worried about becoming too close or comfortable with someone and having them break your heart.

You will probably refuse to be committed at first and you have blocked yourself from feeling or being attractive and so you think that the person is just playing you for a fool.

Then when you are convinced that you are not going to fall for them, your heart is all of a sudden building a wall to keep you safe and you begin to be fearful and you wonder if you are allowing the excitement that you are feeling to cloud your judgment. You don’t want to care for anyone, and you don’t want to take a chance to be broken hearted again.

The first time this happens after heartbreak, you will be scared and you will find that you are falling for this person and getting closer to them and the more that you do, the harder you are fighting it. You have no logic and you are not able to listen to your heart which is telling you no, while your mind is telling you yes.

You will feel that you have amnesia and you will let your feelings begin to control you. You will see that you are breaking down the wall and you are falling in love with this person and taking a second chance on love.

You will begin to feel the same desires that you felt before even though you promised that you wouldn’t. You will wonder how you are falling in love again after how you were treated, and you will not forget how you felt.

After you go through heart break you will be more aware of what life gives you and you will learn to control the feelings that you had before. You will realize that you are jealous or more sensitive than you were before but on top of that you are not trusting, and you are not letting go of the past hurt.

When you fall in love the first time after your heart is broken you will learn to love like you never have loved before. You will let go of the past that is holding you back and you will write love letters, listen to love songs, hold hands, kiss and realize that you don’t care what is going wrong in the world.

You will fall in love with your heart and you will lie with your partner and you will realize that you have fallen for him, just like you tried to avoid.

You will realize that being alone did not feel good and that you want to have things this way. You will learn to laugh at yourself and you will realize that love can be magical, and it can be something that is exciting and great. It will be something you have never felt before, something that will last and something that is beautiful.

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