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Are You Ready to Date Again? How to Know

Are You Ready to Date Again? How to Know

Being in a relationship means putting ourselves into someone else’s life. This makes the process of moving on even harder. It can feel like it is taking an eternity to get past an ex, but that phase will pass just as the relationship did. It will end and things will get better. Figuring out if you are really past someone can be confusing, but there are a few signs to look for to know you have moved on and are ready to move forward. There may be times when you are angry, but when you reach the stage of disinterest in the things that used to remind you of the relationship, you have reached the moment of release. If they no longer pique your interest, no longer make you want to check out their favorite things or social media, you are over them. Sometimes, this is an ah-ha moment type of thing when you realize the relationship no longer affects you, sometimes it is more subtle. Check out the signs that you have really moved on.

Hanging Out with Mutual Friends

If you were with your ex for any amount of time, you likely have mutual friends. If you are hanging out with those friends willingly, it is a good sign you have moved on. However, this is only true if you are not asking about your ex. If you are not being curious then you have no interest so you have moved on.

Donated Clothes

Whether it is the old hoodie he left behind or a tee you used to sleep in that was his, if it has found its way into the trash or goodwill pile then you have likely moved on. When you no longer feel like you have to keep the box of gifts and mementos, you are ready to move on. This is not a tossing them in anger type thing or even burning things because it is too painful to see them, it is simply letting go and moving on.

Miss a Relationship

If you are to the point you miss being in a relationship, but not the one with your ex, you may be ready for a new one. It is normal to want to be in a relationship once you are over your ex, especially if it is with someone that is not them. If you are ready for something new, but no longer just as a rebound, then you have moved on from your ex.


If you are generally feeling more upbeat it can be a sign you have healed from the last relationship. Anger will be replaced by kindness and the idea of love will be something positive not anger inducing.

Take Responsibility

A relationship takes two people and it is tough to be accountable, but when you are able to take your responsibility in the break-up then you are ready to start moving on. Own up to your actions and reactions without focusing on what the other person did or did not do.

Taken Time to Reflect

Reflecting on the relationship is huge when it comes to healing. Recognize and reflect on why the relationship has failed. If you do not want back with your ex, then you are healed.

No More Facebook Stalking

No questions about it, if you want to move past your ex then unfollow and unfriend them. When you are no longer stalking their social media, checking to see if they are dating then you are officially over them and can move on.

No More Discussion

When you have moved on from your ex, there will be no more endless conversation about them or the relationship. If you are still in the process of hashing out the details then you are still living in the past and need more time. When you can stop, your heart is ready to move on.

No Plans to Get Back Together

If you are still making plans to try to get your ex back, then you have not healed. As time passes, you will realize you were not compatible and it could not work out. Only then are you ready to move on.

Inner Peace

When you are really over someone, you will find inner peace. There will be no more anxious feelings when a call or text comes in with a thought that it may be them. Instead, you will be focused on creating new things for yourself and not worried about what they are doing.

Clear Mind

When a relationship ends, one of the hardest things is to clear your mind. When you can start focusing on important tasks instead of being consumed with thoughts of your ex. This is a sign you are ready to move on.

You are Your Old Self

When you are truly over your ex, your heart and mind will go back to pre-relationship status. This can be difficult and take time, but once you are there, you are ready to enjoy life again and potentially look for a new relationship. You are free from your ex.

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