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Relationship Mistakes People Make in the First Month

Relationship Mistakes People Make in the First Month

After the honeymoon phase of any relationship ends, there are things that need to be discussed and worked out. This will be the beginning of the time that will be harder to deal with.

Relationships aren’t always easy, and they are sometimes hard, especially when they are new. Those people that are in new relationships will make a lot of mistakes that can be avoided.

The first few months of dating should be fun and exciting but after the honeymoon goes away, there will be things that people need to do to know if they are interested in their partner or not.

This can be a time where relationships can break because of mistakes that could have been avoided. There has to be honesty and communication, and this can cause a relationship to last a long time.


Do not focus too much on looks and physical things in the relationship. You cannot make a relationship work based on sex. You have to learn to be more serious in your time together.

Intimacy is important and it is important to know if you are compatible with your partner, but this should not be the focus after a month or two of dating. There has to be other things that you are compatible with.


One mistake that can be avoided is comparing your new partner to your ex. This will be a fast way to end a new relationship. Each relationship is a new start and you need to get excited about the future.

You should never compare your ex to your new partner because this will end badly. Forget your ex and concentrate on your new future.

Being You

Someone that is dating you wants to be with you and not with someone else. After a couple months of dating, you can avoid problems by showing your partner who you really are.

Stop acting like you are perfect because sooner or later your partner will see who you really are, and they need to know you now.

Own Life

Once you choose to date someone you are putting them as one with you. You have to put your own life on hold and not replace your life with their life.

If you attend certain hobbies once a week, keep doing that but make sure you spend some quality time with your partner as well. Remember, keeping your own hobbies can keep the relationship strong.

Clingy and Needy

Never act like you are too clingy or needy with your partner. Do not go into a relationship if you are insecure and you need someone. You need to build a strong emotional support with your partner, and you can do this by communicating and spending time together.

Make a strong bond with your partner and learn to know who they are and do not move too fast.


Let the past lay where it might. Going too deep into your partners pasts too fast can make them run from you. Do not go through their personal stuff and look for past things.

If your new partner finds out, you are snooping then you will lose trust in the relationship and they will never believe you.


Boundaries are important in all relationships, especially new ones. Make sure you set boundaries right away and that you learn to communicate what they are.

The problem is that when you don’t set boundaries there is no reason you can get mad at your partner for what they do. Know what the limits are.


Tell the truth in all things. If you are caught telling lies at the beginning of your relationship, then this will cause the relationship to collapse. A relationship cannot be built on lies and there has to be trust and understanding.

You should have complete honesty with your partner at first and not ever get to the point where you believe telling lies is okay.


Do not agree with everything your partner does and wants to do. You have to learn to disagree if there is something you do not like or something you don’t want to do.

Some people believe that if they always agree that the relationship will be stronger, but this can cause your partner to use you and take advantage of your goodness.

Red Flags

Do not ever ignore red flags, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Learn to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you and if you need to walk away, do it. Red flags need to always be addressed and never ignored.

This can be something that seems small at first and then blows up later when the relationship gets more serious.

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