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What to Do When You Know He Was a Mistake

What to Do When You Know He Was a Mistake

Mistakes might seem like your life is over and this is a big thing when love is involved. Love can hurt us and when you are with someone that you think you will be with them forever, nothing is more hurtful than realizing they were a mistake.

Chances are that you have been in situations where you want to give up on life because of the mistakes that you have made. Maybe you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person and you never have felt like this with anyone else before.

This person more than likely has cost you who you are and has cost you your time. They might have even let you feel like you were taken advantage of and the time that you spent with them you will never get back.

This was someone that you gave everything to and when you realize that you made a mistake with them and they are gone, what do you do then?


You might wonder how you move on in your life after you go through this. Love is a part of so many peoples lives and being in love can make you feel like your life is fulfilled. You might even become obsessed with what you could have had.

Stop focusing on what was in your life and learn to focus on what can be. When you focus on what was, you might see that things will get worse.


He was a mistake, but you have to learn to get over this. Look at the things that you have in your life and let go of your past regrets.

Stop crying over someone that doesn’t care about you and someone that was never even good enough for you.

Do not cry over someone that never deserved to be with you. Why would you want to be with someone that thought they were better than you or someone that didn’t know what love was?

Waiting on Love

You have a whole life to find love. Just because you broke up with someone that you were with does not mean that your life is over. This was just one person and one mistake. Mistakes are what keep you learning and help you to grow.

Even when something is hard or you are ashamed of your mistake, learn to move forward. Choose to learn from your mistake and know that life is full of options and full of opportunities.

Take the steps to get what you want in your life.

What You Want

What do you want in your life? Stop looking at your past. This is something you cannot change. Let things go.

Make a place in your life for new things and move towards your future. Make sure that you have a good life and that you have a good future.

Respect yourself enough to know how good you are and be thankful for the things that you have in your life. Be thankful for the mistakes that you have made because these have helped you to learn.

If you hadn’t made mistakes, you would not know how strong you are. You would not realize that you are able to make it through things.

If you didn’t have mistakes, you wouldn’t be able to grow and to be the best that you can be.


Look at life from a different perspective. Learn to take the opportunities that are handed to you and work through them.

Just because you make a mistake does not make you who you are. Take a new path and let your mistakes teach you what you need to know.

Let true love come to you. Prepare for love to come. Learn to love life and find the good with the bad. Allow valuable things to come to you and let your mistakes teach you to be someone that is special. Be strong and be brave and do not be sorry for who you are.

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