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Why Does Being Rejected Hurt So Much?

Why Does Being Rejected Hurt So Much?

One thing that you will learn along your journey of life is that rejection can happen to anyone. You will not always be able to win over the person that you love, and you will not always get the job or the promotion that you seek.

You will not always be chosen for the team that you want to be in, and you will not always have the friends that you want to be friends with.

Rejection is something that is normal and even though it hurts to be rejected, we have to learn to build up our self-esteem and to create a word that can give us power. The word “No” is a word that can give you power and can help you to have the idea of instant satisfaction. Rejection sometimes seems like it is an attack on you, but the idea is that we just want to set boundaries and we want to have power to tell someone no if we want to.

Some people can blame their parents for the problems that they have today because of their rejection and the things that they have had happen to them in their life.

Relationship Rejection Hurts

Being rejected by someone that you like is painful. You might be one of those people that build up your mind and you create an idea that you and someone should be together. You hope that there will be sex and that there will be satisfaction in your life.

Maybe you have been rejected by someone like this and it has caused you to feel bad and to feel that you are not who you are or worthy of love.

This is no different than a child that doesn’t get their way and the parent or caregiver that refuses to give them what they want. The caregiver allows the child to have their feelings but also teaches them what is accepting and how expressing these feelings is okay and what is not.

You cannot allow your life to be over because you were rejected and even though this hurts, you have to learn to go through this without hurting others.

It needs to be seen that getting rejected by someone you love is painful, but you cannot give the power to these feelings. You have to learn to be in control.

Coping with Rejection

No matter what happens in your life and what kind of rejection you have, it will hurt. There are things that you can do to keep your mind focused when you face rejection. Here are some things that you can do to have healthy rejection:

  • Know that pain and hurt is normal when rejection happens. No one wants to be rejected but this will happen often in your life. Life is not perfect.
  • Know that you have also rejected people in your life and that you are no different than someone else. This is just part of life.
  • Know that if someone is not into you that it doesn’t mean you are unworthy; it just means that you are not the right person for them. Do not let your ego take control of your thoughts or allow you to stay in your hurt.
  • Have dignity and act like an adult and learn to be in control of your actions.
  • If you have been rejected a lot lately, look at what you are doing in your life and figure out if your own behavior has something to do with it.
  • Figure out what you are looking for in a partner and use your rejection as constructive feedback. Allow yourself to hurt for a time but do not stop experiencing new things or living in self-pity. Know that you have been rejected, accept the pain, and know that it will get easier.

Being rejected by someone you like can be painful and you have to be courageous and allow yourself to face the pain and to find someone new to like.

Do not stay in a life of frustration but learn to recognize that you are going through that and learn to take risks. You can find that there will be times of rejection and times of acceptance.

Rejection happens but do not let it take away your value for who you are. Do not try to get revenge and allow the hurt to come but also learn to separate yourself from it.

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