Dating Direct Men

Have you ever questioned why some women have chosen you over other people?  If you are a confident and direct person, this can be a turn on and you can automatically be a winner. Women are attracted to direct men because dating is hard.  Women don’t want to guess what someone is feeling and have to take time figuring out […]

Signs You are an Empath

Some people have a stronger awareness than other people and some will feel things at different levels.  A psychic empath is someone that feels energy from others and will process the information in a way that is different than other people. Empaths There is a high sense of empathy from an empath.  Most of the time, the emotions that an […]

Getting Love from a Guarded Person

When someone guards their emotions, it is hard to get them to open up to you.  They become anxious and stressed when you talk about feelings. There are ways you can help them to open up: Relax The first thing to do is to know your own emotions.  Do not try to talk about someone else’s when you do not […]