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6 Quirky Ways You Know You’ve Met your Life Partner

6 Quirky Ways You Know You’ve Met your Life Partner

We all desire to end up with our “perfect” partner.  But how do we know when that right for us person enters our lives?  There will never be a flashing sign that reads “pick me,” but a trained eye can spot telling clues.  We have complied six unique ways you know you found true love.

  1. You feel emotionally grounded

You aren’t concerned about drama or when one of you should contact the other.  You don’t worry that they will suddenly cancel a date or ghost you.  A good partner for you is one that provides you stability and consistency.

  1. You fight fair

No one likes to admit it, but all healthy couples fight.  Fair fights allow you both to communication feelings, concerns and needs without feeling like a bomb will suddenly go off.  Use these disagreements as opportunity to create mutual beneficial solutions and learn what aspects contributed to this misunderstand to lessen the impact in the future.

  1. Your heart flutters

You get butterflies and can get flustered when they are around.  This is caused by oxytocin being released in your brain, which in turn makes you crave being around them more.  Life partners feel a wonderous rush when they are near each other and use that rush to continue strengthening their bond.

  1. You may want to push them away at first

This is because many people are used to dating the wrong type of person for them.  Therefore, when a “good” partner comes around the healthiness can feel so foreign they want to run.  Be careful to understand why you might not feel an immediate connection, or if you do, be bothered by it.  You might discover you need to heal some old wounds.

  1. You like time apart

It’s okay not to want to spend every waking moment together.  A healthy relationship is dependent on two healthy individuals.  This means you both can have your own set of friends, passions, interests, and thoughts.  Having time away from each other can create some wonderful stories to share during your next date night!

  1. You take an interest in them

To be invested in a relationship you must be invested in the person.  This means being involved in their day-to-day and being curious about people or things that matter to them.  Asking about someone’s day shows that you genuinely care about them and want to know how you can be an asset to them.  This is clear sign of a healthy relationship.

When you meet your perfect partner, you might not immediate sense it.  Depending on your dating history you might be scared by their wonderful attributes.  But notice and honor your instincts and feelings, both when you are with them and when you are apart.  If you spot the majority of these six signs, then you will know you found true love!

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