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Fight for the Man You Love

Fight for the Man You Love

Relationships can go through low points. There are times when you have to decide whether you want to stay or go, fight or walk away? This does not mean literally fighting, but letting him know you are worth sticking around for because as a couple you are perfect. You will know if its right because it will be felt way down in your gut. When you have this feeling, do not let him go without putting up a fight for love. That being said, if the other person has zero affection for you, move on. Otherwise, give it a try to save the relationship and get back on track. Your future may change depending on what you do today.

Below are a few reasons it is worth fighting for your man:

Proving Your Love

Sometimes, when you are struggling and fighting, your partner starts to believe you do not really love them. Do not simply accept this as a reason for leaving. Instead, fight for them to prove your love.

He Deserves the Best

If this person really does make your heart flutter with love, happiness, and maybe desire, then he deserves for you to fight for him, just as he would you. If he is the one you want for life, then show him your best and fight for the heart you desire.

Tell Him How You Feel

Some people simple do not express emotion well and this can be tough on a partner. If you want to keep him, let your emotions show. Perhaps you have been pushing him away inadvertently, but now is the time to correct that and prove your words are not meaningless. There is real emotion behind them.

It Can be Worked Out

Very few things in life cannot be settled. Petty jealousy, common disagreements, and compromising as a couple can be overcome if you simply sit down and talk to one another, but they cause many people to split up. Unless he is cheating or something even worse, keep fighting for the one you love.

He is the One

If you know deep down that he is the one and it is much more than a passing crush or pure lust, then keep him in your life. This is especially true if he makes you a better person.

If You Do Not Want to Fight…

Many women will say they have been in love numerous times, but if it is true love, you will fight for that person. If you are not willing to put in the work, then it was not likely love at all.

Not Letting Go

One partner saying goodbye does not mean things are final. Sometimes, one person leaving is incentive and encouragement to fight. If you still really love him, hold tight and keep going. It is not over until you both let go.

It Takes Work

Love is important in a relationship, but it takes more than just love long term. When things go wrong, put in the work, compromise, and be consistent in showing one another how you feel. If you love him, put in the work.

No Regrets

You may think its best to just let things go, but if you do not put up a little bit of a fight, then you will always regret it. Every time you see him, you will wonder “what if.” So, do not let regret ruin your life and put up a bit of a fight to see what happens. Even if the relationship ends, you will know you tried.

Imperfect Timing

Sometimes you meet the perfect guy at the perfectly wrong time. That does not mean it is over. Keep in touch with him so when the time is right, he knows you well.

No One Else Will Do

Remember, when you are fighting for the one you love, you are contending for your own personal happiness. If you let your soul mate walk away, no one else will make you as happy. Put up the fight to know you did all you could.

He Loves You

This one is obvious. If he loves you and you know it, and you love him, then fight for it. He should be doing the same.

Fighting for the one you love is not an outdated tradition, it is often necessary. Though not always easy, it is worth it in the long run.

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