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Relationship Labels

Relationship Labels

Some people that date is not into labels and when they think about relationships, they just want to be with someone that is kind, loving and honest.

Many people believe that all relationships, even ones that are not committed, need to have labels so that both parties can know exactly what they are in for.

Relationship Labels

Labeling a relationship means that everyone in the relationship knows what is expected and what each party wants. This can be figuring out if you are friends or if you want to move forward to something more. Even if you are not committed to dating, it is important that both parties know what is clearly expected so that feelings do not get hurt or no one leaves feeling used.

Relationships are about being kind to each other and protecting each other from hurt and pain. When there is no communication, chances are there will be hurt.

Sex helps relationships but the way things are said can cause the experience to be changed. When you assume things or you hope for something, it hurts you when things do not work out. There are things you will not be able to avoid and when you feel detached from someone and you begin to get feelings, this can be a problem.

You must learn to speak the truth to each other, no matter what the relationship looks like.

Labeling can help people to understand what is thought about or desired in the relationship. You can know if you are being committed or if you are solely being with one person or how the relationship looks to everyone.

Behaviors in a relationship will not change the experience no matter what kind of title or label you have.

No Labels

When there are no labels, it means that you are not committing to any part of the relationship. When you choose to be in this type of relationship, you have to understand that there is a difference between being serious and being in it for sex.

People commit to each other even without labels and labels can be changed no matter what they start out as. But if you do not talk about the relationship, this does not mean that there is not one happening.

Kinds of Relationships

Even if you want a label and you both agree on it, you always have to talk about what it looks like and come to some kind of agreement.

There is no kind of universal language for a relationship. Even though labels can help, each person needs to figure out what they want and be on the same page. There has to be boundaries and understanding when you are trying to have a relationship.

Here are a few kinds of labels in relationships:

Hanging Out or Talking

These are terms that sometimes make you feel connected with the person you are with. You might give each other your numbers and you might both be interested in each other.

There is no accountability at this point as to what you do or where you go or when you go out. You are interested romantically, but you are not moving on to dating yet.

Hanging out means you are spending time together and you might even have sex. This is an early stage of flirting and you will know in a few weeks what will happen next. This can also be labeled as a causal relationship.

Dating or Seeing

When you are dating or seeing someone, this means that you are doing something a bit more permanent. You might only be talking to each other and you might be working towards a long-term commitment.

People that are dating are more serious, but this does not always mean you are being exclusive. Always ask.

In a Relationship

Those that say they are in a relationship are dating only each other. They are serious about each other and they are wanting everyone to know about it.

This means that you are monogamous with each other and you are committed to each other. You are there to care for each other mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Understanding dating and in a relationship means that you are with the person only that you are dating, and you are committed to them.

Causal Relationship

A causal relationship means you are not exclusive with someone. This means there is care and liking but this does not mean you are committed to one person.

Friends with Benefits

People that are friends with benefits means you are committed to be friends, but you have some sex. This is a relationship where you can hang out, have sex, and not commit to each other. These kinds of relationships do sometimes turn into long term relationships.

Earlier relationship labels are not usually intended to move forward, these are usually just what they are, and they do not often get very serious.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant Other

These terms mean that you have rules and boundaries and you are with each other only. People that chose these labels are committed to each other and they have the same ideas and goals.

They want to be together and they do not want to be with anyone else.


The term partners are a term that people use to describe their other half. This means that they are married or unmarried, but they are together.

Some people that are in the gay community use this to describe their relationship partner.

Open Relationship

An open relationship is when you are not with one person, but you are with whoever you want to be with. This means you can have many sexual partners and go out with whoever you want to be with.

You will even maybe sleep with other people together and there is no rule on where you get your sexual fill.

An open relationship means you are open to different sex partners and the idea of romance with other people. This is a form of dating where you can date other people and agree on who you want to date.


A polyamory relationship means that people are open to dating other people and they love different people. You can date multiple people at once and sometimes even the same people.

This word is a consensual word and means that you are with different partners and different sex partners.

Right Label

Maybe you did not like any of the labels that were mentioned above. You have to be responsible for you and decide what you want in your life.

Here are some things you should ask your partner:

  • How do we describe our relationship?
  • What do we need from each other?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What about commitment?
  • What word should we used to describe our relationship?
  • What kind of boundaries do we have?

If there is no single word that you like, that is okay. Find the right label for yourself and as long as you are on the same page with your partner, that is all that matters.

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