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Don’t Dwell on a Love that is Lost

Don’t Dwell on a Love that is Lost

No one has ever said that life would be easy.  Love can feel like it is lost and life can be hard.  When someone comes and changes your idea of love and makes you feel happy, you can have hope and move on from what you thought was a failure.

When you fall in love, it is not something that is written in the books and it is different for everyone.  Love has its problems and no love is perfect.

Love can change how you see life and when you find the perfect person, you will be happy with them.  Humans want a partner that can support them and be happy with them.


When you want to love someone and be loved, your mind can trick you into believing that something is there even if it isn’t.  Lost love can happen because things change.  This is something that can be painful and hard to deal with and it can leave you wondering if love was even a good thing.

Love can be something that you question, and you don’t understand and for some people, it ruins them.  If you have ever found someone that you felt perfect with but then you realized it isn’t going to work, you might start to think “what if,” instead of letting yourself go.


Love is not easy and even when you find love at an early age, you will experience the loss of love at least once.  This could be that your person moved away or that you met them at the wrong time and things didn’t last.  Whatever the reason is, the experience of a lost love is hard and can cause you to look at love differently.

There are many people in the world, billions in fact and it is hard to find the right person when you aren’t looking.  If you learn to open up yourself to more people, you will see that there are many people that you can connect with.  You might find that you meet someone that you like even more than the one you lost.

Even if you have a feeling of loss in your heart, that is just part of being a person.  Problems come when you love someone.  You will not think about the lost love forever, but it seems that your mind gets stuck in the past and then since love is so rare, you find yourself having a hard time letting the past go.

They Aren’t the Only One

The lost love is not the only person around, and you are not alone.  Many people lose the love of their life and have a hard time getting over it.

No matter how long the relationship was or how you thought it should work out, when you think about things that you cannot control, you will find that you are unhappy and have a hard time moving on.  You can think about things and realize you weren’t meant to be together.


No matter what happens, don’t make bad choices based on a past love.  Don’t give up on love but learn to move on.  Don’t send out drunk texts to your ex and don’t like their Facebook posts.  You have to learn to move on.

Stop dwelling on things in the past.  Don’t look at old pictures.  All of these things make it harder to move on.

When you are thinking on love and thinking about the past, you are allowing yourself to be sad and upset.  When you do this, you can let those emotions flow, but you have to move on. Give yourself time and talk to someone that you trust and love.  Let them know how you feel and what you are going through.

Know It is Over

It is important to know when a love is lost, and it is over.  Just because you want it to, it won’t be worked out and it won’t come back together.  Let it go and stop hoping for things to reconcile.  You have to let things past and learn that the relationship is over.

Find a New Love

You have to learn to move on and our past will let you be free, eventually.  Know that this is not going to be fast.

The longer you take time thinking about your lost love, the harder it will be to move on.  Don’t miss opportunities of love because you are stuck in the aspects of your past relationships.  Allow yourself to meet new people and to be open to new possibilities of love.

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