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What Is the Difference Between Falling in Love and Flowing in Love?

What Is the Difference Between Falling in Love and Flowing in Love?

When you fall in love with someone you hope that it is going to be like it is in the movies. But what would you think if you knew that there was a deeper way to love someone, loving them with your soul?

This is a kind of love that should be the goal of everyone that is looking to fall in love. This is called flowing in love and is different than falling in love.

Flowing in Love

We all know what falling in love is like and this is a time where two people come together, and they work it out so that they can be together for a long time or all the time even.

They will often fall in lust instead of love and they will feel that they are in love and not be sure what they are really wanting. When you fall in love, you get to see the soul of the other person.

Flowing in love is when you make a spiritual connection with someone. It is when you learn to connect with someone more than just in body but soul to soul.

This is a bond that causes people to fall in love and it is more worth pursuing than falling in love. Think about how your soul is a big part of who you are. When you are in the world, you open up your soul and you see that you have things that make you insecure and that you make mistakes and have flaws.

Now think about what you would do if you met someone, and your soul connected to them so strongly that you would know that you are meant to be with this person. What would happen if you met them and every fear that you had when away?

This kind of love is not easy to get to and it usually takes time because you have to prepare your soul to flow. Flow doesn’t just happen because you force it, this is something that only happens when the universe is ready for you to have it. Nature will take over and you will learn that flowing in love is so much different than falling in love.

What is Different Between Flowing and Falling in Love?

Falling in love means that you get a peek at the soul of the person that you like, and you make a connection with them. When you flow in love though, this connection is so strong that it bonds the two hearts together.

What does this mean for you and me? How do you know what your soul feels? Even though you easily can tell what your heart is feeling because your heart makes emotions, it is not always easy to know what it is like in your soul.

Flowing in love is different and you have to first figure out what your soul wants. Just like you work out, eat healthy, take care of your body, you also have to take care of your soul. Even though you cannot physically see yourself taking care of your body and changing it, you cannot physically see your soul falling and growing towards flow.

When you create a relationship where you and your partner have the same goals and passions, it causes there to be a big vibration and it can cause there to be cosmic energy. This can almost seem like it is a magical thing.

This connection is so powerful that it is hard to explain, and it shows that you have a real purpose in your spiritual being. Can you imagine what it would be like to be connected so deeply to someone that it would change your life?

When you have an open mind and you want to grow in your spirit, you can find this kind of love and you can reach the goals that you have.

How to Flow in Love

When you flow in love, it becomes part of your spiritual journey. You will gain a partner and your soul will change. You will see that you are working with the universe to make your bond strong.

This can cause small problems in your life to go away and it will be different than the things you face when you are falling in love. Instead of focusing on growing, you are changing your energy and you are working together as one person.

Soul Energy

Your connection will be so strong that you will see an energy flow that reaches between you and your partner. You will have a flow that leaves you with a strong feeling.

This flow will help you to be happy and help you to be creative or to find out what you really want in your life. You will know you have self-worth, and you will know that you are reaching your soul purpose.

You will no longer be afraid, and you will learn to flow in love. The energy that your partner has will steady you and encourage you to be better and stronger.

No Fear

When this kind of relationship comes, it will have no fear. You will not be worried that your partner is going to leave you and you will not doubt who they are.

When you have a regular relationship, sometimes you will doubt your partner but when you flow in love, you will be happy, and you will have a connection that is so strong that fear and doubt cannot stop it.

You will not have the usual fears that some people have, and you will go towards life with this person. Your desires will not be faced with fear and doubt, but you will grow together, and you will have peace.


This relationship will be one of balance. It will be fair to you and your partner and you will give equally of yourselves.

This kind of relationship is one where you both will share the balance and you will give and take just like your partner does. The force will be so strong that you will not be angry or have reasons to be upset.


You will see that when you fall in love that it doesn’t always last forever but when you flow in love, this is permanent.

You will be comforted to know that you are supported and that you can find love that will never fade. People in this kind of relationship will not have to work hard to make it work because your souls are connected.

No one will have to keep the relationship exciting because the excitement will never end. Your soul will recognize their soul and you will be on the same path together, connected, and bonded.


When you flow in love, you will both be on your spiritual journey. You will contribute the same things to the relationship, and you will have feelings where you will equally invest in what is going on with yourself and your partner.

Both partners will work on their journey and if one stops, the soul will lose balance and it will cause the relationship to have to be fixed. If both choose not to commit to the spiritual journey, the relationship will not make it.

Love Yourself

Each person has to love themselves for this relationship to work. They need to prepare for the relationship and make sure that the soul energy is strong.

Take time to nourish your soul and to make sure that you know what you want and that you are following your soul purpose.

The soul has to be ready before it can connect. If your partner is listening to their soul but you aren’t, you will not have what it takes to flow in love yet.

Families and Communities

One major difference between falling in love and flowing in love is that this can happen inside of families and communities.

This can happen because love is not just a sexual desire but it is something where your heart and soul are connecting and so it can be between a mother and daughter or a father and son.

When the energy is always flowing, it can cause the groups to flow together. They will use the energy to increase their strength and it will be collected.

They don’t have to be the same and they might work at different jobs and in different places, but they will be supported and have a deeper flow.


Love always tests boundaries and love can end for the better or for the worse. When things get hard, love might end but the flow and soul journey never end.

Love pushes the boundaries, but flow means that your energy is together and that you are never alone. You are stronger with your partner and you have to put away your ego and work together.

Sometimes if you refuse your partner, you will see that even though you needed them or they needed you, sometimes you might not be there in love, but in flow your energies will work together to make you both stronger.

Love Them for Them

The last thing about flowing in love means that you will accept your partner for exactly who they are. You will never want them to change, and you will want to be close to them.

Imagine that you could find your dream partner and that you could work together with your soul and energy and they could become exactly what you expected and wanted.

The flow of love means that you will love them no matter what happens and that your soul will connect with them. You will embrace each other, and you will have peace and harmony in your life.

When you love this kind of love in your life, you will see that you can let go of expectations and learn to live freely and to have a deep and healthy relationship.

Flowing in Love

Now that you know the difference between falling and flowing in love, you need to know that flowing in love is easy.  Here are some ways you can do it:

Find Your Inner Energy

The first thing that you have to do is to figure out your inner energy. You need to make sure you don’t have blockages. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Look at your energy throughout the day.
  • Pay attention to how your energy is moving.
  • Notice if your energy increases or decreases.
  • Change yourself so that your energy will flow smoothly.
  • Be creative and touch your positivity with your energy.

Once you start doing this, you will see how your energy moves and you will know that you can combine it with someone else’s energy.

Open Heart

Make sure that you keep your heart open and that you know the positive things that you need to reach. Pay attention if you feel nervous or if you are upset about something.

Figure out why you get bad energy and what you can do to change it.

Accept the Pain

Life is full of pain and when you feel wounded, you need to look at ways to change your life and ways to be stronger.

Pain helps you to find new possibilities and helps you to be strong. Never hide from your pain and learn to let it be who you are.

Your pain should never keep you from doing what you want to do and even when you aren’t sure about what to do, listen to your heart and pay attention to what you need.

Trust Yourself and Get Rid of Fear

Everyone has fear sometimes but when you learn to let your soul be confident, you will not be held back from fear.

Know what you are feeling and work through the problems that you face. Fear helps us to keep ourselves out of dangerous things, but some fear just holds us back from what we need to do.


Allow your soul to heal and take time to care for yourself. If you never found what your soul needs, build a relationship with yourself so that you can figure it out.

Here are ways you can heal:

  • Meditate.
  • Journal your feelings.
  • Know what feelings you have.
  • Embrace your feelings.
  • Know what your energy is doing.
  • Be patient with yourself.

Never Force It

Things are a process and take time. Put in the effort and time that you want to flow in love but if it doesn’t happen right away, take more time. Let your journey lead you.

Stay Open

No matter what happens to you, keep your mind open. Just like your heart needs to be open, so does your mind. Doing this can help you to solve problems and situations and move forward.

Is Flowing in Love the same as the Flow?

When you are on the path of flowing in love, you will feel the flow of your energy grow and get stronger. This is a great way that you can find out things about yourself and work on your life and relationship.


If you are on a journey to flow in love, you are possibly hearing about this for the first time in your life. This is a connection that you can have with your partner so that you can learn to connect with their soul.

This journey can help you to understand what your soul purpose is. Once you work hard to reach this, you will see that you can find a flow that matches your life, and it will be much better than just falling in love.

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