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How to Know if He is Ready to be in a Serious Relationship, According to Him

How to Know if He is Ready to be in a Serious Relationship, According to Him

There are times that you might be frustrated in a relationship, especially when you are trying to get a guy to commit to you. Finding a guy that doesn’t play games and is really ready to commit is often hard to find. It is important that you know what to expect and what you will see when a guy is actually wanting to be in a serious relationship or not.

There are signs that you can see to know when and if this will happen for you:

Talking About Dating

Even though saying the word “date” is just a way that a guy says that they want to do something with you, hanging out is a casual thing but when a guy wants to be more serious, he will say he wants to date you.

Giving You Time

When you are in a serious relationship, you work hard to put the other person in your life. You will do what you can to make them know they are special such as texting them back right away and wanting to spend time with them.

He is Always There

One thing about being in a serious relationship is that guys that are ready to commit to you will not go away and do their own thing, but they will make a choice to be committed to you and to keep in touch with you.

This kind of guy will never ghost you and they will always reach out to you no matter how busy they are.

His Friends Date People

You have to use the people that your guy hangs out with to know more about what he is all about. If he is hanging out with other people that are wanting to date and be in relationships, chances are that he will be more serious, and he will want to be in a relationship himself.


There is a difference between having sex and being intimate with someone. When you are intimate with someone, it means you love them, and you are affectionate with them. It means that you are able to open up emotionally to that person and that you are more serious than you were before.

Keeping Things Real

When a guy wants to be with you, he will show you that he wants to be there with you. He will always be who he is, and he will not hide his real self from you.

When a guy holds back who he really is or he is fake to impress you, he probably isn’t serious about you.

Making Compromises

A compromise means that you care for someone and that you are mature. When you are with someone that is willing to compromise in their life for you, this can mean that your relationship with that person is serious. If he hates to compromise or give of himself, he probably isn’t ready for something real.

Meeting Your People

A guy that is ready to be serious and wants to be committed to you will be ready to meet your family and your friends.

You can never really be serious with someone when they only know one part of your life. If your family and friends are a big part of your life, you have to let him get to know them to make sure that they will fit together.

If your guy asks to meet your family or friends or wants you to meet his, this can mean he is ready to take the relationship to a new level.

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