Finding True Love

We would all like to know if we are going to meet our soul mate, fall in love and get married but knowing when is almost impossible.  But, if you use astrology and your birth chart and understand that the planets rule your sign and that numerology will help predict things, then you are on the right track. Predictions by […]

Finding Mr. Right

Have you been looking for Mr. Right but you don’t have a strategy?  You need one.  You need to find someone by attracting them instead of always trying to find them. Here are 12 tips to help you find Mr. Right: Go In the Public.  You aren’t going to find the perfect guy by sitting at home on your couch.  […]

What is a Soulmate?

It is hard to understand what  a soulmate truly is.  This is because we all adhere to the romantic definition of the word, wherein we find an expected, yet perfect, match.  We believe this even though we know it doesn’t exist. This is perfect because we get the perfect mate without trying. It is incredibly frustrating to wait for the […]

Is a narcissist capable of love?

If you have ever been around a narcissist, you have probably wondered if they are capable of love. Not to mention if they have the capacity to care about anyone in the first place.  Loving a narcissist means walking a fine line between pain and love.  It means not being able to decide if it’s safe to stay or if […]

Finding a Partner

Traditionally, one would only undergo the search for a partner once in a life-time.  You would date someone in your teen-age years, then you would marry after college or starting a career.   That was it. You were together until death, or very rarely, divorce. On the outset, it seems idyllic, but it didn’t necessarily mean happily ever after.  However, our […]

Getting ready for your soulmate

Are you ready to meet someone exciting and new? Ready to take on the town and see if your true love is out there? This is possible, in fact it may even be probable, if you prepare yourself. Here are a few things that you can do get ready to make a romantic connection: Take some time to get ready […]